4*TOWN – Nobody Like U (from Turning Red)

Nobody Like You is written by Finneas O’Connell and Billie Eilish. It is part of the animated movie Turning Red soundtrack, released in February 2022. Nobody Like U celebrates the pop genre with a playtime of two minutes and forty seconds. It is released under the Walt Disney label. It features Finneas, Grayson Villanueva, Topher Ngo, Josh Levi, and Jordan Fisher.

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The Song Review

4*TOWN Nobody Like U lyrical meaning

Turning Red offers a very diversified soundtrack with U Know What’s Up, 1 True Love, and Nobody Like U. Billie Eilish admits the song may sound like something you have already heard. However, it has a deeper meaning which complements the film’s story progression. Upon a few more listens, you will realize the song’s true meaning. At the same time, you will also become addicted to listening to Nobody Like U.

The song is presented by an all-boy band whose five wax figures sing about how they have “never met anybody” like the addressee. The lyrics are not intended for a girl but for the listeners watching the movie. We realize the concept is quite cheesy, but it works! We must all celebrate our uniqueness which makes us self-confident.

4*Town also sings how the addressee is constantly on their mind. There is no time when they are not thinking about them or wondering what they are doing. The addressee is their best friend, and they could never let them go. It is them against the world. They are their “ride or die.”

Since the movie is intended for a younger audience, one would appreciate the simple lyrics. The song celebrates the undying friendship between four friends—Mei, Priya, Abby, and Miriam.

Turning Red revolves around Mei as she turns into a red panda when emotions surface inside her. She inherited the trait from her forefathers. Now Mei wonders if her three best friends will accept or reject her due to her “unique” situation.

The friends sing Nobody Like U to Mei, letting her know they are still best friends and nothing has changed between them. They will always be friends, support each other, and share secrets. Nothing will distant their friendship, not even a red panda.

Thanks to her friends, Mei calms down and appreciates them even more. The friends have helped Mei in an unthinkable way. In the end, Mei finally learns how to control her power. The story and context will make your eyes water. However, the lyrics request the listeners not to cry but celebrate their close friends.

4*TOWN Nobody Like You video interpretation

The video introduces a 4*Town concert at the Sky Dome. The concert venue is sold out, with thousands of attendants chanting for the band to come on stage. The countdown at the stage introduces 4*Town through smoke machines. The four friends admire the boy bands with eyes wide open. It is clear the young girls have crushes on the singers.

The song is overlaid with scenes from Turning Red as the video continues. We see Mei entering her school and chatting with her friends. In another location, Mei is seen entering a worshipping shrine to learn more about her newly found power. Nobody Like U resumes with the concert venue with the young audience fainting from witnessing their favorite band play the concert.

Be Yourself!

Nobody Like U is a beautiful song that celebrates the ability to stay to yourself and your heritage. Cultural components are an integral part of one’s existence which Nobody Like U showcases wonderfully. Let us know what you think of Turning Red soundtrack in the comments below.

4*TOWN - Nobody Like U (from Turning Red)
Nobody Like U is a popular song from the soundtrack from Turning Red - a 2022 animated movie by Pixar. Download it now and enjoy it.
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4*TOWN - Nobody Like U (from Turning Red) Review Summary

  • The song celebrates the strengthened friendship bond through playful lyrics.
  • Nobody Like U encourages the young audience to be themselves and not succumb to societal expectations.
  • The video keeps the audience engaged with smooth transitions and animated characters.
  • The back and forth between the concert and Mei scenes becomes confusing.
  • Turning Red scenes break the song’s momentum.
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