Adele – Someone Like You

Adele premiered the song in 2010 in a live talk show. The song became instant fame which reached new heights with the audience. Adele sang the song without any auto-tune or filters. The absence of artificial furnishings won the live audience.

The song is about a previous lover. At this point, we are not surprised by the inspiration. Someone Like You was composed and created by two people in two days and a grand piano. The song was recorded at Harmony Studios with Dan Wilson. As we know it, the collaboration was hit. The song was also recorded by a vast orchestra in the background, but it couldn’t capture the right tone. Shall we learn more about the song?

How to Download Adele – Someone Like You

You can download the song from Apple Music via iTunes or from Amazon Music. Click on the Download button at the end of the review. Check out also other hit songs by Adele – Hello and Rolling in the Deep.

The Song Review

Someone Like You Lyrical Interpretation

Like the album Adele 21, the song is about terminating a romantic relationship. The songwriter and singer are famous for projecting the pain in his relationship through music and lyrics. The song goes like this,

I heard that you’re settled down

That you found a girl and you’re married now

I heard that your dreams came true

Guess she gave you things I wouldn’t give to you

Adele has admitted to making the song in the form of closure. She had not opted for an open-ended song as it did not accurately represent the events. Adele tried to make it as personal as possible without making the song overbearing.

The entire time Adele was singing the song live, she wondered whether or not her previous lover was listening to it. She got very upset through the reveal but managed to maintain her emotions for the audience. However, later, when the show had stopped broadcasting, she sobbed endlessly in the dressing room.

The lyric involved a little bit of re-wright. The lyrics “I wish nothing but the best for you, too,” was, “I wish nothing but the best for you.” Adele is sending good omens and best wishes for the singer and his new romantic interest.

The pre-chorus goes like,

I hate to turn up out of the blue, uninvited

But I couldn’t stay away; I couldn’t fight it

I had hoped you’d see my face

And that you’d be reminded that for me, it isn’t over

The pre-chorus is an intense rendition of the events, which is nine bars long. A pre-chorus is usually eight bars. Adele was highly excited about introducing the extra bar, making the song more unique.

The Video

The background of the song is by a desolate river where Adele walks alongside a pavement. Her hair is up, and she is wearing a winter jacket. The black and white setting in the cold weather represents the unexpected folding of events. Her relationship came to an abrupt end, which meant finding herself again.

The direction represents a conversation between the singer and the lover. Consider the cameraman the lover, who is directly addressed by the singer. Adele is singing the tunes and the pre-chorus, looking directly at the camera, representing her side of the same conversation.

The camerawork makes a full circle moment to represent time lapse. Adele continues the song where she left earlier. The concluding part of the song is a masterpiece of ornamental notes, which creates a bond with the listeners. Adele sings the remainder of the song looking at the river to represent hope. The free flow of water mirrors life that continues even in bleak situations.

Is Someone Like You Worth Listening to?

The masterpiece by the British singer was involved in scientific research to realize why it connected with the audience so well. Its unexpected changes in tones and musical melody are like none other. You will be mesmerized too!

Adele - Someone Like You
Someone Like You is a song by Adele Laurie Blue Adkins (1988) that comes from her album 21. Download it now and enjoy it.
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