Ariana Grande – breathin

Breathin is a dance-pop song by Ariana Grande. The song is taken from her fourth studio album called Sweetener. It is written by Grande herself, along with Savan Kotecha, Ilya Salmanzadeh, and Peter Svensson. Released on 18th September 2018, Breathin is an anti-anxiety song which talks about dealing with stressful situations and how to get by them without being affected on a large scale.

How to Download Breathin by Ariana Grande

To download Breathin hit the link below the review. The song can be obtained from iTunes. If you like Ariana Grande, check out also and download her other songs, for example, God is a woman.

The Song Review

The song debuted at number 22 on the Billboard 100 list. It also peaked in the top 10’s on the charts of numerous countries including the Czech Republic, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Greece, Slovakia, and Hungary. The song is available to play on all major music platforms as well as through digital download.

The Lyrics

Breathin is a song which describes a number of scenarios where countless people just lost their calmness. Grande begins the song with describing the particular stressful feeling by singing how “Some days, things just take away too much of my energy, I look up and the whole room’s spinning, You take my cares away, I can so over-complicate people tell me to medicate”.

Further, the song also explains the rush of blood that occurs during stressful situations. This is followed up by the chorus which gives hope to all its listeners by motivating them to simply keep on breathing continuously to calm the heart and release the mental pressure.

The latter follows the same patterns thus explaining the phenomenon of how anxiety takes place and how it can eventually be controlled depending upon the person’s mental capacity.

During an interview, Grande explained how the song related to having the worst feeling in the world, particularly during the most critical times. She also went further to explain how she also experiences anxiety and panic attacks at different times, especially in the studio.

Ariana Grande – breathin: the Video

The music video is set up in a dull environment where Grande appears from within the depths of heavy smoke. The smoke is the apparent confusion and stress that is taking physical shape in a person’s mind. The video then portrays events and situations such as a crowded and congested place. Grande is seen singing in between as everything around her seems to be spinning at a fast rate.

During the chorus, she moves slowly through the room, indicating that breathing in and out causes her to regain control of her mind which enables her to pass through the moment. The sequence ends with Grande swinging up in the clouds as the clip suggests how a person feels after releasing stress from their minds.

The Bottom Line

The song, as part of Grande’s album, was received with high praise from its listeners. It was first announced in an Instagram post by Grande where she teased her fans by playing a fake video before revealing that the original sequence would soon be available to listen to.

The song does quite well in the sense that it highlights the emotional pressure a person undergoes during increased stress. Heavy breathing along with head-spinning are symptoms of mental pressure that take place within a person, and something which should be taken more seriously.

Ariana Grande – breathin
Breathin is a dance-pop song by the American singer Ariana Grande-Butera (1993). Download it now, listen to it and learn about the songwriter's anxiety.


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