AronChupa, Little Sis Nora – I’m an Albatraoz

I’m an Albatraoz is a single released by the talented Aron Chupa. He is an amazingly gifted Swedish DJ and producer. In addition, the song also features vocals from Aron Chupa’s younger sister, Nora Ekberg. However, she is better known through her stage name as Little Sis Nora.

I’m an Albatraoz showcases the electro house, Melbourne house, and electro swing music genres. It was released in 2014 with a run time of 2 minutes and 47 seconds. The melody was released under the Aron Ekberg and Sony labels. I’m an Albatraoz. It is written by the sibling duo. However, it was only produced by Aron Chupa.

How to Download AronChupa, Little Sis Nora – I’m an Albatraoz

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The Song Review

AronChupa, Little Sis Nora – I’m an Albatraoz lyrical interpretation

The song lyrics revolve around a woman, which the artists call the mouse. The term “Albatraoz” is slang that refers to the albatross. It is, coincidentally, the name of the electronic band from Sweden. Furthermore, I’m an Albatraoz uses words in a derogatory way. How, you ask? Mouse is mus translated in Swedish—mus is an inappropriate term for the female reproductive parts.

While others argue that the song celebrates the power of womanhood. All the strong and independent women must come together to influence their lives for the better. I’m an Albatraoz foreshadows a rebellious movement against a repressive government that views women as the inferior or weaker gender.

Moreover, the song also mentions the double standards regarding earnings by the two genders. If a man earns, he will spend money on his girl and ensure his needs are met. However, when a girl makes more, she begins feeling overly proud. She calls herself a feminist. The artist says she does not need to rely on anyone since she is an Albatraoz, an influential woman dedicated to her skills.

AronChupa, Little Sis Nora – I’m an Albatraoz video interpretation

The music video protagonist is played by the artist’s younger sister. A French announcer introduces I’m an Albatraoz with a black background. The opening credits read “A film my Aron Chupa. In association with Sertac Yildizhan.” There is also a pianist present at the scene.

Paramount Theater in Oakland, California, was selected as the location to shoot the video. It was released in 2014 and has accumulated more than 1.2 billion views as of this year. I am an Albatraoz video that begins with women applying makeup. The featured shot of Nora Ekberg shows her applying pink lipstick while making faces in the mirror. The extras are dressed in white robes, while the featured presence wears a black leather jacket with a white tube top. The set beautifully captures the insides of a French toilette with gold trimmings and floral wallpapers.

Have you Listened to I am an Albatraoz?

The song breaks the boundaries of the usual music you hear with loud notes and provocative women. It captures the femininity quite well, and the music is incredibly soothing. We strongly recommend you listen to I am an Albatraoz.

About AronChupa

Aron Michael Ekberg was initially a Swedish soccer player. However, his interest in music converted him into a DJ artist. His melodies mainly focus on electro and hip hop genres. Aron was born in 1991 in Sweden and played in the fourth division soccer for Byttorps IF.

The soccer player started performing music under his stage name and formed with his soccer matesSahlberg “Salle” Rasmus, Andreas “Andy” Reinholdsson, Nicklas “Savvo” Savvolainen, and Måns Harvidsson. They call themselves Albatraoz.

Their debut single I am an Albatraoz, placed 36 on Swedish music charts. The success was followed by releasing their second song Arriba written by AronChupa and the Albatraoz band members.

AronChupa, Little Sis Nora - I'm an Albatraoz
I'm an Albatraoz is a hit song by the Swedes duo AronChupa (1991) and Little Sis Nora (1996). Download it now and have fun.
7.5 Total Score
AronChupa, Little Sis Nora - I'm an Albatraoz Review Summary

  • I am an Albatraoz stands out with its unique lyrics and harmonious presence.
  • The transitions in the music video do not seem forced, maintaining the interest in the song.
  • The video captures and celebrates the French and Swedish in the background, complementing the music.
  • You may not understand the French lyrics and terminologies in the song.
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