Blackpink – Boombayah

BOOMBAYAH is a serenade of love between a girl and a boy. However, the song presents the girl’s perspective and how she finds her new love interest completely irresistible. The boy was made for her, and there was no questioning it. BOOMBAYAH was released in 2016 under the YG label. It is part of the Square One album and showcases the EDM genre. BOOMBAYAH is written and produced by Teddy Park.

How to Download Blackpink – Boombayah

You can download the song from Apple Music or Amazon Music. Click on the Download button that is located below this review. If you like Blackpink, check out also their other hit songs – Kil This Love and Ddu-Du Ddu-Du.

The Song Review

BOOMBAYAH Lyrical Interpretation

The song is filled with upbeat music, which heavily mimics something you would hear at a party. However, on the other hand, the lyrics portray strong feminine and versatile personalities in the BLACKPINK band. Each member makes the song and lyrics truly unique with their own verse. BOOMBAYAH combines rap, techno, and pop music, something unheard of in the K-pop industry.

BOOMBAYAH portrays how far BlackPink has come since its inception. The song addresses the loyal fans that have listened to all their songs and continue to be excited about future releases. BOOMBAYAH begins like another song with climatic music to engage the listener. However, the song takes a darkening return later on.

The song’s beginning is confusing as the girls attempt to perform a robbery. The mind-staining event is the focal idea of the song ideology. However, it is not a literal interpretation of their future careers. Unfortunately, the second verse confirms they have undertaken some sort of robbery. “Sirens in the ear” imply the police are on their way. The second verse includes some 90s references, which is odd since most BLACKPINK listeners are millennials.

Anyway, let’s continue.

Toward the song’s end, BLACKPINK has successfully made it to their safe house. They were able to evade the cops successfully. However, the most awful part is Lisa’s lyrics in the second verse. She talks about dying. Lisa and Jennie collectively speak about waking up from sleep and trembling due to unknown fears.

BOOMBAYAH chorus incorporates whistles to separate the narrative from the lyrics. It conveys messages and events from the past as a transitional tool for the ongoing story. The outro admits Lisa hears voices inside her head of the deceased she loved very much. Furthermore, she also mentions her past regrets, which contribute to her oncoming death.

BOOMBAYAH by BLACKPINK Video Interpretation

The girls are on their bikes. BLACKPINK is heading somewhere unknown with a stern gaze at the camera. The girls exit a school bus and perform synchronized dancing in the homeroom in the next frame. The setting is very vibrant, with pink lockers. The girls lean against vending machines and performance provocative moves.

BLACKPINK is dressed in very trendy hip-hop clothing. Their outfits are inspired by undone hemlines, asymmetrical sleeves, and conventional accessories. BLACKPINK amplify their outfits with one-sided earring and garters. It seems the wardrobe is inspired by fishnets and layering clothes on top of each other.

K-pop is famous for its synchronized setting, clear from the BOOMBAYAH music video. The girl’s hand gestures and leg movements are incredibly in-tune, making one wonder how rigorous the practice was.

The backdrops in the video are CGI-inspired. They showcase numerous effects, such as lasers and light shows. After their successful escapade, the all-girl band dances in front of a truck laden with goods. The band members also dance in an artificially created forest and safari jeep. The video concludes with BLACKPINK celebrating their victory, rollerblading in a CGI-built rink with LED lights and sparkling lights.

Do you Relate to the Song?

The song is definitely not what you would expect from an all-girls pop band. BOOMBAYAH depicts death, robbery, and despair, all grown-up concepts. However, one thing for sure, we do not know the message BOOMBAYAH is attempting to convey. Regardless, it is a catchy song. The lyrics are stuck in a non-stopping loop. Is it just us, or are you experiencing the same?

Blackpink - Boombayah
Boombayah is a hit song by a famous South Korean girl band called Blackpink. Download it now and have some adrenaline rush.
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