Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are

Just the Way You Are was released in 1998 by Bruno Mars as part of the Love—The Essential Ballads album. It relates to pop music with adult contemporary and a welcome blend of soft rock and rhythmic blues. Here is what the solo-artists attempt to deliver through the song.

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To download the song from a digital store, click on the Download button located below this review. Check out also other hits by Bruno Mars – The Lazy Song and Uptown Funk (with Mark Ronson).

The Song Review

The lyrics are directly from the heart, with their unique emphatic attribute. It is hard to imagine a Bruno Mars song without a direct addressee but Just the Way You Are broke this rule. You could consider the song a portrayal of passionate feelings, which is a natural second embodiment to him.

The addressee is generalized with words such as Your or Her scattered in this love poem. The song is an open letter to the potential love interest, discarding theories it addresses a certain individual. The artist has admitted to writing the lyrics straight from the heart without a subject in mind.

Instead, Just the Way You Are tells a story, a depiction of love for the partner. The lyrics are the things the woman wishes to hear to make her feel whole and appreciated in the relationship.  throughout the lyrics, the artists admire the subject by singing“There’s not a thing that I would change,” and, “’Cause, girl, you’re amazing just the way you are.”

Leave it to fans to conjure up the existence of a muse when the artist has denied it. The speculations were surfacing as soon as the song was released. The fans could not imagine the artist writing a song without a muse in mind since the lyrics implied Bruno Mars thought about someone to transfer feelings onto paper.

The artist has been very quiet about his relationships and we can’t blame him. The most news you will get about his personal life is through the songs he writes. At the moment Just the Way You Are was being composed, the artist was dating Chanel Malvar.

It wouldn’t be far off to believe the lyrics represent the relationship at the time. However, until the artist confirms the music, everything is pure conjecture.

Just the Way You Are Video

A woman is wearing off the song t-shirt with loose black hair, listening to a portable cassette player. Bruno Mars sweeps in, presses eject, and holds the tape in his hand. he takes out the magnetic strip and manipulates it into the opening credit; the song and the artist.

The music begins to play with the lyrics matching the magnetic trip. When Bruno Mars sings about her eyes, the strip magically takes the shape of eyes with long batting eyelashes. The lyrics are a conversation part of the artist to the music, endlessly complimenting her.

The chorus is another well-rendered animation with Bruno Mars replica created by the magnetic cassette strip. Resultantly, the strip unravels onto the table with a full figure Bruno Mars singing. At this point, the muse stands up and sits on the couch next to him.

Bruno Mars looks into the muse’s eyes and continues to sing. We also see the magnetic strip taking the shape of a piano which is played by Bruno Mars, wearing a denim jacket, jeans, and a white t-shirt. The outfit is made modern by adding a fedora and bracelets on each arm. In conclusion, the magnetic strip montage continues until the song comes to a close with Bruno Mars on the piano.

The Bottom Line

The song is the perfect go-to to show the partner you love and cherish. You can play it in the background on a beach picnic or simply at a romantic dinner for two. It will completely change the setting as the two lovers lock eyes for the future.

Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are
Just The Way You Are is a hit song by Peter Gene Hernandez (1985) that comes from his debut album. Download it now and have fun.
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