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Looks like there is a song for all of us. I mean, the lazy generation, and it is none other than Bruno Mars. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this guy can do it all and has done it all. It would be apt to call this song the ultimate lazy anthem. This number is from Bruno Mars’s 2010 album Doo-Wops and Hooligans. It made its way on YouTube on April 16, 2011. Now, it stands with over a staggering 2.2 billion views on YT.

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The Song Review

The Lazy Song – Not so Lazy When it came to Commercial Success.

Well, it looks like The Lazy Song was not so lazy in actuality. The song went on to gain massive commercial success after its release. This hit spent a straight 27 weeks on the US Billboard Hot 100 songs.

Moreover, it took the No. spot on the Billboard’s Pop Songs chart. After its success, the song went on to receive seven platinum certifications by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association for America).

Its popularity crossed borders. The track took the No. 4 spot on the Canada Billboard Hot 100 songs chart. It also received four platinum certifications from Music Canada (MC). In addition to that, the song received five platinum certifications from the Australian Recording Industry Association. The song also ranked on various other crucial charts, i.e., in the UK and New Zealand.

The Lazy Song – Mixed Reviews from Critics

Seeing the song’s positive and enormous commercial success, it is expected that it will favorable critical reception. However, on the contrary, the number received very mixed reviews from critics at media houses.

Guardian, one of the biggest media names, gave this song a negative review. Have a look below to know what critics at the Guardian wrote.

“The Lazy Song gets no further than the second verse before Mars — nothing if not keen to keep his fans abreast of his every activity in a world of 360-degree connectivity – announces that he is planning to have a wank”. What a rough yet hilarious take! Hats off, the Guardian!

Let us now talk about its music video.

Music Video — A Perfect Nod to Laziness!

The Lazy Song’s music video is a perfect nod to the laziness that prevails. It was directed by Cameroon Duddy and Bruno Mars himself. Honestly, it is an apt take on the theme and concept of the song and lyrics.

What makes this video stand out is that it is a one-shot video. The video begins with Mars and some monkeys. Monkeys! Yes, but they are Mars’ band members with monkey masks on. Bruno Mars is seen wearing goggles and a pink-red check shirt. He is seen sitting on a rocking chair. In the start, he starts to sing, and his fellow band members start to dance. As the video progresses, the band members slide Bruno away.

The whole shot takes place in a messy bedroom.

The cast dances in the complete video. At one moment, they all take their pants off. With their colorful boxers, they shake it to the beat. The video concludes with yellow confetti falling all over them.

This video received several award nominations, including MTV Music Video Awards, UK Music Video Awards, and Myx Music Awards of 2012.


The Lazy Song’s music is heavily loaded with Roots Reggae. In addition, it is a pure SKA number and a reggae-pop song. The song’s instrumentation incorporates acoustic guitar, drum tracks, filler bongos, and choruses of some male singers in the background with island rhythms.

People! Listen to this track to complement and add a fun element to your lazy day now!

Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song
The Lazy Song is a 2010 song by American artist Peter Gene Hernandez known as Bruno Mars. Download it now.
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