Bruno Mars – That’s What I Like

That’s What I Like is the fourth sing in Mars’ album called 24K magic. It was written by Brody Brown, James Fauntleroy, and Jeremy Reeves. The song creators produced the song and the album under Shampoo Press & Curl and The Stereotypes.

The song is categorized from the hip-hop soul era of funk track. It represents a new jack swing with an R&B aesthetic. Continue reading to learn more about it.

How to Download Bruno Mars – That’s What I Like

You can download 24K Magic, the album that features That’s What I Like. Click on the Download button and proceed to Amazon Music. Check out also another songs by Bruno Mars – The Lazy Song and Uptown Funk.

The Song Review

That’s What I Like Lyrical Interpretation

That’s What I Like by Bruno Mars is not a third-person perspective song. It is not following through a narrative or describing a story. Primarily speaking, That’s What I Like flaunts the riches of the singer. It is based around the lavish lifestyle of Bruno Mars.

No doubt there is extreme fame and wealth in the music industry. Successful singers have become real estate giants and investment tycoons. That’s What I Like speaks similarly with Bruno Mars’ apartment in Manhattan, his trips to Puerto Rico, napping on silk bed covers, and wearing white diamonds. To an average person, these lavish elements read like a fantasy.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons that What I Like grew so fast. The listener is experiencing the one percent lifestyle through the singer’s eyes. The song showcases fame and what it would actually be like.

The song continues to flaunt Mars’ riches which are the song’s main theme. The mentioning and showcasing of diamonds and real estate is intended to impress someone of romantic interest. The singer constantly addresses her as the “lucky” one since she caught Mars’ eye. The singer considers her lucky as she will also enjoy the riches and the lifestyle provided by the singer. The singer wishes to engage in a celebratory and long-term relationship with the addressee by disposing of the rich resources.

That’s What I Like Video

The song video is introduced by the title and the artist’s name broadly mentioned. The singer is standing in the background in an ombre of a black and white backdrop. The song immediately starts playing where the singer is dancing hip hop style.

  • Condo pop art appears as soon as the singer sings, I got a condo in Manhattan
  • Palm trees pop up art appears when the singer sings, I’ll rent a beach house in Miami
  • The singer appears to be wearing a Red Lobster bib when singing, Lobster tail for dinner

As the song continues, the singer is seen mimicking driving an expensive car, champagne classes, and sparkling jewelry are showcased with similar art. Throughout the video, Mars is seen wearing a black and white vertically striped button-down with slim-fitted jeans. The singer also wears white trainers to represent the expensive and relaxed living style.

After the halfway mark in the video, background singers are introduced. These dancers follow the singer’s lead where only their outline is displayed. The song concludes with a close-up of the singer wearing a necklace, multiple rings, and expensive sunglasses into a black backdrop.

The Final Comment

That’s What I Like was well-received by the music critics as the album was massively topping all the charts. However, some music critics did categorize the lyrics as superficial and materialistic. Regardless, the song was a success and reached number in Billboard Hot 100. Furthermore, the album has sold almost ten million units since it was released

That’s What I Like is a light-hearted song that will put you in a better mood. It makes perfect background music for a special someone who you intend to impress. The upbeat music and dancing are addictive, which is why we are sure you will definitely like it.

Bruno Mars - That’s What I Like
That’s What I Like is a song by the American singer Peter Gene Hernandez (1985) known as Bruno Mars. Download it now and enjoy the music and lyrics.
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