BTS – Boy With Luv feat. Halsey

Boy with Luv, the famous BTS song has also the Korean part of the song name, which is 작은 것들을 위한 시 and it means A poem for Small Things. Stylistically, it is a song from the funk-pop and nu-disco genre sweeping the world. Pdogg, RM, Melanie Joy, Suga, J-Hope, and Michel Schulz composed the melody. It was released

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The Song Review

Boy with Luv – the Lyrics

Boy with Luv is a romantic song sung by the talented K-Pop sensation BTS. Though the title translation translates into “Boy with love,” the meaning is not apparently so clear. However, with the gist of the lyrics, we can agree the band members are satisfied with their special someone. The song is dedicated to their partners or the potential addressees.

At the beginning of the song, Jimin is curious about the person he finds so fascinating. The relationship is still new to him, and he is still figuring it out. V and Jin dominate the second verse with their own interpretation who wishes to learn from their partner as their “students.” The lyric implies they are interested in a different age bracket that has the experience and is ready for commitment.

The third verse is a celebratory verse sung by Suga. It emphasizes how the partner has filled his life with hope and wonder. Suga has found the perfect partner, and he does not intend on letting her go. Lastly, the fourth verse is a musical harmony by Jung Kook and J-Hope. They sing how to love and discover their partners have given them a sense of purpose and a direction to living their lives.

BTS’ boys with Luv may sound like another love song, but you may think differently after listening to it. Rather than the romantic aspects, the song celebrates the strengths of being in a relationship with a positive outlook. The lyrics in the song use words such as “wings” and “fly,” implying relationships make you strong. It helps the person figures out who they are as a human being.

The lyrics have a deep meaning that you realize after listening to the song a few times. Boy with Luv emphasis on being in a committed relationship that pushes you to explore and try new things. It will help expand your mindset and interests.

We can certainly take one thing for its surface meaning. Boy with Luv means that the boys in BTS are actually in love, and we couldn’t be happier for them.

Boys with Luv – the Video

Boys with Luv surpassed 75 million views on its release day. The video begins with opening credits in a white embossed font. Halsey sucks on a lollipop at the ticket booth and closes the shutters since her shift is over.

The frame immediately blackens. We are greeted with the same cinema in a daytime setting in the next frame. BTS stands outside of the cinema wearing a variation of the same outfit. Each band member is dressed in a variety of white, pink, and fuchsia shades. One by one, they look at the camera and perform their lyrics.

The band moves are perfectly synchronized to the beat of the song. Later on, the band performs dance movies in an empty restaurant. This dance routine is lightly different with high-rise air kicks. Kudos to their cardio workouts to maintain the momentum!

The setting changes from a restaurant to a blue building. It has been coyly named love, with the outfits coordinating to fit the setting. The video concludes at the same cinema but with a nighttime environment.

K-pop is Here to Stay

The song is representative of the talent K-pop offers. Their dedication to music and dancing cannot be ignored. No wonder millions of fans are obsessed with them. We suggest you listen to the song to encapsulate the essence of love into your life through music.

BTS - Boy With Luv feat. Halsey
Boy With Luv is a song by the famous South Korean band BTS and Ashley Nicolette Frangipane (1994) - Halsey. Download it now.
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