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BTS gave us the crispiest EDM to vibe to this year. It is known as Butter. Butter is the second English language digital single. BTS is a South Korean boy band that has gained enormous momentum in the past few years. Well, they just brought their best game with Butter. This pop number was released on May 21, 2021, on YouTube. It was bound to attract the masses and gained positive reviews overall. Butter has been viewed over 615 million times on YouTube. It was critically acclaimed. This catchy hit became a commercial success at a global level.

How to Download BTS – Butter

To download the song from iTunes, click on the Download button that is located below this review. If you like South Korean bands, check out also our review of Ddu-du Ddu-du by Black Pink.

The Song Review

Internationally, Butter took the music charts by storm. It was made to the US Billboard Hot 200 song chart. Moreover, it peaked charts in South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Japan, and Singapore. It also made it to the top 10 in over 30 nations.

Butter got a Guinness World Record!

Yes! Butter set new streams record on Spotify. It was the biggest song debut in the history of Spotify. This song even broke records of Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber. This groundbreaking debut earned BTS a Guinness World Record.

BTS is the most popular in the whole of Asia. On this continent, the song took the No.1 spot on South Korea’s music download chart, Gaon Digital Chart. With over 2.5 million physical copies sold only in South Korea, Butter’s album became one of the bestselling albums in South Korea.

In Japan, Butter got the No.1 spot on the Oricon Daily Digital chart. It also reserved a spot on Japan’s Billboard Hot 100 songs chart. In Europe, it gained a silver certification from the British Phonographic Industry (BIP).

Butter also became the 2nd highest debut on the Rolling Stone 100 Songs chart.

A Clean & Crisp Track!

In terms of the critical performance, Butter received positive reviews. NME wrote about it, “A clean and crisp piece of dance-pop that is undeniably good without sacrificing immediacy or memorable hooks.” Moreover, they referred to it as a“strong, early contender for song of the summer.”

Esquire referred to the track as “Irresistible” and wrote about the song, “percolates with the joy we have deferred since the last march.”

Let us now talk about its exciting music video.

Butter Music Video

The video is all about some kick-ass choreographed dance in a galore of bright colors. There is a very cool and flirtatious kind of vibe in the music video, with an upbeat. For some, it might even give a Tik Tok kind of vibe. The whole BTS gang is dressed in their signature disco-inspired and trendy suits, obviously with shoulder pads.

Jungkook opens the Butter video, dancing and singing the introductory lyrics of the song. The visuals are all black and white in the beginning. Jungkook is joined by fellow BTS lads, and the ensemble dances to the beat.

With that shot, the video smoothly transitions into a bright color palette. After that, BTS gives a power-packed performance in several dazzling locations, with utter flamboyance.

The music video has a very buttery end. J. Hope is seen eating a piece of butter with a fork. This full of colors music video is also full of soft emotions. There is also a subtle mischievous element in the video.

There is also a striking moment in the video. It is that BTS forms the word ARMY with their bodies. It is a hearty tribute to their fan base, the BTS Army.

Butter Music

In essence, it is an EDM and a dance-pop number, with a chic charm of BTS. It is energetic and simple for the summer. There is a very pulsating and bass beat in it. The music also draws inspiration from 1990s music with hints of pop-rap.

If you are feeling a little lazy, just listen to butter to get a rush of energy.

BTS - Butter
Butter is a song by the South Korean boy band BTS (Bangtan Boy). Download it now and have a great time. Also, watch the video.
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