Carlos Vives, Sebastián Yatra – Robarte un Beso

Robarte un Beso is a song from Vives’ fifteenth album Vives. It is a close collaboration between the primary artist and Sebastian Yatra. Robarte un Beso was produced by Andres Torres and Mauricio Rengifo. The title translates to Steal a Kiss from You in English. It is a song about love, losing loving, and finding love.

How to Download Carlos Vives, Sebastián Yatra – Robarte un Beso

You can download the song from Amazon Music. If you like Carlos Vives, check out also his song with Shakira – La Bicilceta.

The Song Review

Robarte un Beso – the Video

A young mother hands over lunch to her son. In another frame, an aged wife serves dinner to her husband. We are also introduced to a young guitarist communicating with her fan. The story evolves with an aerial shot of Medellin with the singers driving around the city.

The settings also shift to a mountainous basin and graffiti streets. Vives is dressed in a leather jacket, jeans, and a t-shirt. On the other hand, Yatra wears slim-fitted clothes with accessories to appeal to the younger audience.

One by one, the artist-duo visit the locations set in the earlier video. The aged husband introduces the singers to her wife. The son greets her mother at her job to celebrate overcoming hardships and patience. They welcome their fans and sing with them. In these situations, the context is familiar. The protagonist in the stories has invited the singers to impress a special someone. The video continues with intensified feelings of love and concludes with a happy-ever-after for everyone involved.

Celebrate Life with Someone Special

Robarte un Beso is the choice for a romantic dinner or on an intimate drive with your partner. The song truly showcases Spanish as a lover’s language once you understand its context.

About the Artists

Who Is Carlos Vives?

Carlos Vives was born in Santa Marta, Magdalena, Columbia, in 1961. When he was 12 years old, he relocated to Bogota, where he met rock and roll. The music genre was sweeping the town at the time, and Vives fell victim to it. He started participating in playing the guitar. He was also the lead vocalist in local bands.

Meanwhile, he would participate in music; he studied at Jorge Lozano University in marketing. He completed his studies but chose to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. His first acting job featured him in Tiempo Sin Huella. He continued his acting career, which landed him a few roles in Puerto Rican television.

Yet, the music was still present in his veins. He decided to form a band called La Provincia, which performed local songs called vallenato. The band’s success had him travel to southern America. He also released a few albums, such as Clasicos de la Provincia and No Podras Escapar De Mi. However, the single La Gota Fria earned him international recognition with more songs on the way. Vives’ success was on the rise.

Who Is Sebastián Yatra?

Sebastian Obando Giraldo was welcomed into the world in 1994 in a local hospital in Medellin, Antioquia. His birth home was in Cartagena de Indias. However, at the age of 5, he moved to Miami, USA, to start his study. Fortunately, this is where he learned to sing and wrote his first song when he was 12. He was also studying piano, guitar and working with a vocalist simultaneously.

Sebastian Yatra released his debut single El Psicologo in 2013. It was a wonderful blend of pop with reggae produced by Ender Thomas and Yhonny Atella. The song was very well received in the USA, Mexico, Ecuador, and Venezuela.

Para Olvidar was released in 2014 as Yatra’s second single. It was composed by the artist himself and Mauricio Rengifo. 2014 also saw the release of Todo lo Que Siento. Both songs were well-received by his fans, especially in Venezuela and Ecuador.

Yatra launched his first tour in 2015, traveling the cities including Queretaro, Puebla, and Guadalajara. His tour was a fantastic success with iTunes domination in Colombia and Spain in the same year.

Carlos Vives, Sebastián Yatra - Robarte un Beso
Robarte un Beso is a song by Colombian singers Carlos Alberto Vives Restrepo (1961) and Sebastián Obando Giraldo (1994). Download it now.
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