Carlos Vives, Shakira – La Bicicleta

La Bicicleta is a wonderful blend of an accordion with rock, pop, and Colombian music. The first-time collaboration between Carlos Vives and Shakira features music beats with native instruments such as vallenato and cumbia. Vives represents the country whose music and history can be correctly promoted in the right song. It is more than music; it is forging history. Shakira specifically chose Vives due to his mass contribution to promoting Colombian music.

Shakira is responsible for coming up with llévame en tu bicicleta. The request is “to take me on your bicycle”. Vives and Shakira travel to their favorite childhood places.

La Bicicleta is a song from Vives’ fifth album Vives. Furthermore, it is also included in Shakira’s eleventh album El Dorado. The song is written by Carlos Vives, Andres Castro, and Shakira. However, it was produced by the same individual with Luis Fernando Ochoa on the list. It was released by Sony Music Latin.

How to Download Carlos Vives, Shakira – La Bicicleta

You can download La Bicicleta from Amazon Music or Apple Music. Click on the Download button at the end of the review. If you like Shakira listen also to her other hits – Waka Waka, Chantaje, and Clandestino (both with Maluma).

The Song Review

La Bicicleta – the Video

Vives stands outside of a gate, waiting for a vehicle. He securely locks in his bicycle and drives away. In a different frame, Shakira is on the drive with her friend. Unfortunately, they both run into a traffic job.

Shakira exits through the sunroof and begins to hop on cars. He runs into Vives, and they both cycle out of the traffic jam. They cycle to beautiful beaches, churches, and clear waters. It is revealed these locations are the artists’ favorite as they used to travel there during their childhood. Both artists hug and greet the fans.

Everyone is dressed casually throughout the video. The men wear hats, cotton t-shirts and jeans. On the other hand, women are dressed in bikinis or long flowing dresses. Shakira performs her signature belly movies at a bonfire surrounded by her fans. She also motivates everyone to step up and dance as well. We also see Vives play beach soccer with the locals. He bounces the football on his knees while the lyrics play in the background.

Let’s Return to Our Childhood

La Bicicleta celebrates culture more than any other song. It is the perfect song to play on your phone if you feel homesick. It will take you to your childhood when troubles are non-existent. Though we cannot time travel backward, we can surely use the power of music to relieve our problems.

About the Artists

Who Is Carlos Vives?

Vives was born in Santa Mata, Magdalena, Colombia. He took an interest in music from a very young age. However, he specifically started taking an interest in rock and roll when he moved with his parents to Bogota. While studying, Vives would play guitar and vocalist in local bands.

He formed the band La Provincia while working on his acting career at the same time. His previous acting jobs include a feature in Colombian films such as Tiempo Sin Huella. However, at the same time, he was also releasing music with his first album was a collection of vallenato songs. He became a platinum-winning and Grammy-winning artist at the height of his music career.

Who Is Shakira?

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll was born in 1977 to Barranquilla in Colombia. Her genes are a blend of a Lebanese father and a Colombian mother. Shakira wrote her first song at the age of 13. She vowed then to celebrate her culture, native music, and heritage through the power of music.

Shakira’s first two albums were a complete bust. However, she turned around her career with the third album. It was released in 1996 and contained songs such as Pies Descalzos. Her third album was an unheard blend of rock, Arabic, and Latin. Due to her continuous success, Shakira became a leader in Spanish language songs and her dance moves.

Carlos Vives, Shakira - La Bicicleta
La Bicicleta is a 2016 song by the Colombian singers Carlos Alberto Vives Restrepo (1961) and Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll (1977). Download it now.
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