Clean Bandit – Rockabye

A pop song can be ridiculously catchy yet meaningful at the same time. Rockabye is the leading example of that. This number by the British electronic group Clean Bandit is just over the top. It features Anne Marie as the main vocalist. Moreover, Rockabye features the dancehall vocalist Sean Paul. It is an utter banger and classically Clean Bandit. Anne Marie’s strong vocals induce the real driving force in the song.

Rockabye was released on October 21, 2021, on YouTube. It stands as a deluxe edition to Anne Marie’s debut album Speak Your Mind. Rockabye was featured on US Billboard Hot 100 Songs Chart. On YouTube, it has a whopping 2.6 billion views. At the moment, it is the 34th Most Viewed on YouTube.

How to Download Clean Bandit – Rockabye (feat. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie)

You can download the song as digital audio from iTunes. Click on the Download button located below this review. If you like Clean Bandit, check out also our reviews of Solo (performed with Demi Lovato) and Baby (done with Marina & Louis Fonsi).

The Song Review

Rockabye is a tribute to all the single mothers out there. In essence, Rockabye is a story. It aptly depicts the lives of single mothers and their daily grind. It is about how single mothers leave no stone unturned to care and provide for their kids.

Rockabye was written by Anne herself, along with the Norwegian vocalist Ina Wroldsen. Both were highly praised for their work. However, overall, the song received mixed reviews about its music and music video

Still, Rockabye’s music video gives the whole song its true meaning. Let us talk about that.

The Music Video

Although the video is good, some things about it are just off. Well, we will discuss that later. First, let us see what is in the video.

The video features Anne Marie, Clean Bandit, and Sean Paul. It was shot in two different locations; London and Spain.

Rockabye’s music video opens with a view looking over the ocean. A mix of shots follows. All artists are seen in a bar. Besides that, there is a striving single mother with her baby. All artists are seen performing in that bar. There are middle-aged men seated in the bar. Anne Marie is shown as a waiter in that bar as well.

The scene cuts to the sad single mother traveling to work. She arrives in the very same bar. In a turn of events, she is a stripper in that club. She starts pole dancing in the bar. Those middle-aged me are bumming a smoke and staring at her with lust. This part of the music video also sheds light on the offensive male gaze.

Following that scene, a shot comes that shows red curtains opening into a natural world, out of the bar. The next scene stunned everyone. The very same single mother is shown doing a pole dance on a cliff, overlooking the ocean. You will also see Anne Marie and Clean Bandit performing in the same location as well.

After that, the video jumps back to the bar. Lip sync comes by all the middle-aged men and it comes to Sean Paul. Next, the music video beautifully transitions between the bar and the outdoors.

The video enters a slow beat phase. In that phase, that single mother is seen spending time with her baby. The video concludes with her dancing in nature and the red curtains’ closure.

This video is simply incredible and speaks volumes.

Rockabye Music Composition

The song finely incorporates lullabies, nursery rhymes, and a Rockabye Baby. It is perfectly composed in the common time with an added tempo (102 beats per minute).

Clean Bandit - Rockabye
Rockabye is a song by the British band Clean Bandi. Download it now and enjoy the vocals by Anne Marie (1991) and Sean Paul (1973).
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