Clean Bandit – Baby feat. Marina & Luis Fonsi

Baby is a Latin pop song by the electronic music band Clean Bandit featuring Marina and Luis Fonsi. The song is taken as the sixth single from the band’s second album called What is Love?. It is written by Jack Patterson, Camille Purcell, Jason Evigan, Marina, Matthew Knott, and Luis Lopez-Cepero. The song was officially released on 2nd November 2018 by Atlantic.

How to Download Baby by Clean Bandit

The song can be downloaded from iTunes. To start downloading, click on the Download button at the end of the review. If you want to listen to more songs with Luis Fonsi get his massive hit Despacito, Échame la Culpa with Demi Lovato (who coincidentally supported Clean Bandit on another song) or Impossible with Ozuna.

The Song Review

Baby performed relatively well in the charts as it managed to reach number one in Israel and Mexico. Additionally, it also broke into the top 10 barrier in many countries including Belgium, Russia, and Scotland. Platforms like Billboard and Idolator also commended the song in terms of its seductive lyrics and colorful background music.

The song talks about regrets and remembering an ex-lover despite breaking up with them and moving on to a new partner.

The lyrics begin with Marina nostalgically singing about all the good times she had with her ex. She expresses reminisces her past, claiming how she and her lover were both so wild and free back then, having nothing to worry about. She now regrets her decision as she cannot go back to her as she has given her heart away to another lover.

n the main chorus, Luis and Marina come together as they talk about their past mistakes, admitting that they had their chance but gave it away. Additionally, they cannot go back either as they already to someone else now.

Marina then continues her performance as she continues the process of regretting her past choices. She continues how she was young and did not know how to love properly. Despite being separated physically, she will still remain in their heart as a precious memory.

Fonsi finally gets his queue as he appears in the latter part. He plays the girl’s current lover who is under the illusion that she loves him as much as she says she does. He sings how he is completely in love with the girl and has given his heart to her.

The duo then get together again as they regretfully the following lyrics: “Guess I had my last chance, and now this is our last dance, you fell through the cracks in my hand, tell myself to be stronger, my heart’s like a rubber band, and it’s such a shame, you’ll always be the one who got away…”

The official music video was released on 29th October 2018 and takes place at a wedding where Clean Bandit’s Grace Chatto plays the bride. As soon as she comes up on stage, Chatto begins to have flashbacks about her high school days with her past lover.

The sequence shows Chatto falling in love with her classmate at a summer camp as they then begin to go out together on numerous school events as a couple. They take part in different events together only to end up with having to go their separate ways.

In between the flashbacks, Marina and Fonsi also make their screen appearances by singing on stage dancing with the background performers.

Overall, Baby is a commercially hit song that features seductive lyrics, topped up with cheerful music.

Clean Bandit – Baby feat. Marina & Luis Fonsi
Baby is a song by the English band Clean Bandit supported by Marina Luchenko-Szczesna (1989) and Louis Fonsi (1978). Download it now.
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