Luis Fonsi, Demi Lovato – Échame La Culpa

Échame la Culpa is a universal Latin song by the popular Puerto Rican singer and songwriter Luis Fonsi featuring Demi Lovato. Officially released on 17th November 2017, the song is written by Fonsi himself, along with Alejandro Rengifo, Andres Torres, and Mauricio Rengifo.

How to Download Échame la Culpa

You can download the song from a number of sources, for example, from iTunes. To start downloading, click on the link located below the review. And if you like Luis Fonsi check out also his other hit songs: Despacito with sung Daddy Yankee and Imposible with Ozuna.

The Song Review

Fonsi’s reputation inevitably meant that the song would turn out to be a commercial hit. Échame la Culpa topped the charts of many countries including Austria, Lebanon, Mexico, and Spain. It also broke into the top 10 barrier in countries like Germany, Hungary, Italy, and Poland.

Échame la Culpa: the Lyrics

The song basically talks about a couple who, despite being married and going on a honeymoon, feel as if they do not belong with each other. The lyrics are a series of confessions describing the problems in their apparent empty relationship. It is available to play through digital download.

Apart from the chorus, the song is mainly sung in the language of Spanish. It is a duet where both stars begin by singing how they want to confess something very important related to their relationship. Both of them put the blame on themselves by claiming that the other person is better in every way.

In the main chorus, the duo sing how they do not want each other to suffer anymore hence they are taking the blame. This is followed up by the post-chorus, sung in English by Lovato as she claims that she does not want to fight anymore, nor does she have the stamina to fake their relationship.

Hence, she wants him to put the blame on her.

The latter part of the video follows a similar pattern. The song essentially speaks about a toxic relationship where the couple seems to have nothing in common but fighting with each other. Hence, they tend to agree that it is best for them to move on, and in order to stop any further arguments, they are ready to take the blame for it.

The Video

The official music video for the song was released on 16th November 2017. In its first day, it managed to gain 17 million views, the first time Lovato had achieved such a feat in her musical career.

The video takes place in Lovato’s bedroom. The two meet after which they set up a party in an empty warehouse. Initially, Lovato sings from her bedroom and Fonsi in a narrow street.

In the warehouse, several performers can be seen dancing and partying in the background. Lovato and Fonsi can also be seen dancing together next to each other. At the end of the sequence, Fonsi can be seen exiting the warehouse as he walks away from both Lovato and their relationship.

The Song Production

The song was first teased by Lovato through a photo on her Instagram account. Fonsi himself had commented on that photo, indicating that as collaboration was imminent.

The Bottom line

Overall, Échame la Culpa became a commercial success for the two artists. The YouTube video has over 1.5 billion views, making it the platform’s 37th most watched video as well as the fastest to reach this milestone.

Luis Fonsi, Demi Lovato – Échame La Culpa
Échame la Culpa means: put the blame on me. It is a song in Spanish and English by the Puerto Rican singer Louis Fonsi (1978) and Demetria Devonne Lovato (1992) who hails from the United States. Download it now because it's so good.
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