Luis Fonsi, Ozuna – Imposible

Luis Fonsi, Ozuna – Imposible is a downloadable Spanish pop song by Luis Fonsi and Ozuna. The song was released on 19th October 2018 by Universal Music Latin. It is written by Fonsi himself, along with Vicente Saavedra, Mauricio Rengifo, Juan Carlos, Ozuna Rosado, and Andres Torres.

How to Download Luis Fonsi, Ozuna – Imposible

To download the song hit the Download button located below the review. If you like Luis Fonsi you should also check out and download his greatest hit Despactio which he Performed with DY.

The Song Review

Imposible is a song which is dedicated to women in terms of their physical beauty. The song has a romantic tune wherein Fonsi and Ozuna sing about the attractiveness attached to every woman. The song is available to play through digital download.

Imposible Lyrics – What Are They About?

The lyrics that revolve around Imposible are mostly obscene as they talk about a woman’s sexuality and their physical appearance. The song opens with both Fonsi and Ozuna singing together about how they admire the physical beauty of a woman.

Unlike most songs, the lyrics of Imposible start off with the chorus itself. There seems to be no build up rather, the song directly jumps into the chorus. This is followed by Fonsi who then talks about how he fell in love with a girl majorly because of how pretty her face is, and how she portrays that beauty by dancing in the streets.

The duo then combine their vocals together in the following translated lyrics “…It’s impossible that I love you like I do, there’s no one that can love you like I do”.

Imposible – the Video

The music video begins with an aerial shoot of the beautiful city of Miami during sunset. The main performers can then be seen together in between a railway track. The surroundings of the set consists of trains and an overall smoky environment.

Fonsi and Ozuna can then be seen together singing together as both the male and female performers engage in dancing with each other intimately. In between the sequences, there are small cut outs of a train passing by on the railway.

The dancing sequence within the video takes place both outside and inside of the trains. At the end of the sequence, the main duo can be seen walking together as the screen goes dark.

Luis Fonsi, who had previously performed the globally hit Despacito, stated that Imposible had the potential to become just as popular as his previous hit. He also stated that the song was the perfect mix of being urban and melodic at the same time.

Fonsi claimed that he wanted to collaborate with Ozuna mainly because of how talented he was in terms of his amazing vocals and meaningful writing. The song was initially announced by Fonsi himself through one of his posts on Instagram.

Who is Louis Fonsi?

Louis Fonsi is an American singer who initially stepped into the world of music in 1998. His first album, Comenzare, peaked at number 11 on the Billboard’s Top Latin Album chart. Fonsi became popular across Latin America at a very early stage of his career.

It was not until the release of the hit song Despacito in 2017 which made him gain recognition throughout the globe. Despacito managed to top the charts in almost every major country despite how most of it was sung in Spanish.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Imposible is a romantic and catchy song which on a whole, compliments women from a man’s point of view. The song has come across criticism for objectifying women however, the melodious tune makes it addictive to listen to.

Luis Fonsi, Ozuna – Imposible
Imposible is a song by a Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi (born in 1978) and his Puerto Rican younger colleague Ozuna (born in 1992). Download it for some Latino rhythm.
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