Luis Fonsi – Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee

Despacito is a downloadable song by Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi. The song was produced by Mauricio Rengifo and Andrés Torres and was released on 12th January 2017. The song also features the likes of Daddy Yankee who co-wrote the song and can also be seen performing side by side with Fonsi.

How to Download Luis Fonsi – Despacito

To download the hit song by Luis Fonsi click on the Download button below the review. The song is available as a digital download on the iTunes platform.

The Song Review

Upon its release, Despacito completely took over the music industry globally. The song managed to slide to the top of the charts in over 47 countries whereas, it reached the top 10 in 6 others.

The original became such a hit that a remix version was later on recorded as well, which was performed by the Canadian singer, Justin Bieber. Apart from that, the song also won numerous awards including Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Urban Fusion/Performance, and Best Short Form Music Video at the 18th Latin Grammy Awards. The song is also regarded as the longest-reigning number one on the Billboard Hot 100 with a 16-week streak.

Despacito is a song consisting of lyrics which talk about having an intimate relationship. After spending two years without releasing any new tracks, Luis Fonsi was determined to make a hit song.

According to Fonsi himself, the song he wanted to come up with to be melodious, having such a tune that anybody and everybody would dance to it. Originally, Fonsi had written the song with more pop like features attached to it, however, after collaborating with Daddy Yankee, it was announced that the song’s melody had transformed into something that was described as an urban injection.

Upon completion of the song, Fonsi described how both he and Yankee were very surprised to look at the final results as to how powerful the overall tune had become.

Moving on to the song’s official video, Despacito, since its release, has managed to gain over 5 billion views on YouTube. The song’s video has now become the most-watched video on YouTube, taking that title away from Wiz Khalifa who previously received 3 billion views for his song called See You Again.

The Video

Beginning from the start until the very end, the music video of Despacito features the duo dancing to the catchy tune of the song. Supporting them in this trendy dance are numerous dancers and performers.

Distinctively present in the video is a woman who seemingly travels from place to place dancing and kissing individuals on their foreheads. She starts at the corner of the sea where she kisses two children on their foreheads. She then moves on and makes her way through to a dance club where Fonsi joins and dances with her.

The music video also displays intimacy between the performers as they confront and engage with each other. The sequence ends as all the performers gathered up and dancing and singing happily to the melody of the song.

Despacito has turned out to become one of the most populist songs in recent years. As per Fonsi’s desire, anyone who gets to hear it automatically feels the need to dance and sing along to the tune.

The song has become so popular that even Just Bieber decided to do a remix with English lyrics.

Luis Fonsi - Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee
Despacito is a hit song by Luis Fonsi. The lyrics tell about love and passion. Download it and feel the Latino rhythm.
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