Drake – In My Feelings

In My Feelings is a song by Drake. It belongs to two genres: rap and hip hop and is now available for download. Released on 10th July 2018. The song turned out to be a major hit after its debut on the Billboard hot 100 list where it was number 6. No more than a week passed since its release when it reached the first place. It stayed there for a period of four more week cycles.

How to Download Drake – In My Feelings

You can download In My Feelings by Drake from the iTunes store. To begin your download you need to click the Download button at the end of the review.

The Kiki Challenge

In My Feelings gave rise to the new internet sensational meme known as the “Kiki Challenge” where individuals would dance to the song as they walked by a moving vehicle. It is worth to mention that City Girls (an American rap band) also sings in the background.

Kiki Challenge attempts. Not each of them ended well.

The Song Review

In My Feelings is the fifth song which is taken from Drake’s fifth studio album known as Scorpion. The released of this album was scheduled for 29th June 2018. The album which contains 25 songs was produced by Drake. It turned out that on its first day, the album broke Spotify’s one-day global record by claiming over 132.45 million hits.

Drake – In My Feelings: the Official Video

Moving on to the music video, the sequence begins when Drake comes over to his lover’s house whose name is Kiki. Then they talk and Kiki learns about Drake’s feelings for her and that he would do everything to be with her.

Before Drake can finish, Kiki’s mother shows up and asks him to leave. In a comical expression, Drake tells Kiki to meet him tomorrow at their usual spot.

The song then begins where Drake can be seen dancing along to the tune as he is joined by numerous prominent actors and actresses including Yung Miami of the City Girls and Big Freedia. A famous comedian Shaggy is also featured in the video. He might be one of the key reasons why the so-called Kiki Challenge went viral.

It is worth to mention one moment during the video where we have many top stars and internet celebrities appear and in a way promote In My Feelings Challenge, which later has turned out to be so disturbing.

There were many celebrities who were doing the challenge. We should mention here

  • Ciara,
  • Dua Lipa,
  • Will Smith,
  • Steve Aoki,
  • Noah Schnapp,
  • Odell Beckham Jr.,
  • Millie Bobby Brown,
  • Liza Koshy,
  • Ryan Seacrest,
  • Shay Mitchell,
  • J-Hope,
  • and of course DJ Khaled.

According to several news sources, In My Feelings is a song which is about Drake’s first girlfriend as well as her childhood friend Keshia Chanté. In the lyrics, there is also a mention of Jennifer Lopez. It should be noted that they were a couple once.

To sum up, In My Feelings is one of those songs which were received with mixed reviews. It is an obvious fact that the disturbing Kiki Challenge strongly contributed to the song being popular.

However, as far as other values are concerned, namely the actual content of the song, its melody, and lyrics In My Feelings has been sometimes criticized as being very average. Despite this criticism, the song became an immense charts-topping hit. And the same can be said about the whole album.

Drake - In My Feelings
In My Feelings is a catchy song by Drake. Download it and dance to the beat. Just don't do it on the streets. It can be dangerous.
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