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Call it a feminine empowerment song or a break-up anthem, New Rules is a total banger! This song by the British singer Dua Lipa was a commercial success at a global level. This hit number is all about demonstrating the complicated heartbreaks and the “desiring them back” sentiments. However, in a word, the song advocates the being true to yourself thing. The song was released on YouTube on July 7, 2017.

To date, it has been viewed by over 2.5 billion times. Emily Warren, Caroline Ailin, and Ian Kirkpatrick have written this song.

How to Download Dua Lipa – New Rules

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The Song Review

The song was a game-changer for Dua Lipa as it became her first-ever entry in the US’s Billboard Hot 100. Moreover, New Rules went on to top the UK Singles Chart.

In addition, as of March 2021, New Rules is officially the most streamed song, by any female British singer. For Dua Lipa, New Rules still stands as a shining point in her music career. In addition, New Rules is evidence that Dua Lipa is the epitome of classic vocals.

The exceptional conceptualization of New Rules emerged from one of the writer’s personal feelings. It was Caroline Ailin. The lyrics and concept were inspired by Caroline’s relationships journey. She struggled a lot from the shooting temptation of getting back with her ex-boyfriend.

In the same context, New Rules is also, about how important female friendships are. In fact, in some cases, female friendships are more soothing and satiating than relationships.

New Rules is the Definition of Sass!

The Strait Times wrote, “The track with its slick production and stellar vocals oozes self-confidence and sass”,

One of the critics at Music OMH, Ben Hogwood sensed themes like “Assertiveness and outright feminine power”, in New Rules. The stellar vocals of Dua Lipa add the right and sassy kick to the song. Plus, he was successful in depicting the theme and break-up sentiment through her tone and expressions in the song.

New Rules is a “Timeless Song” and an “Absolute Banger”, wrote Baeble Music

What an apt remark by the Baeble Music. The impact and scope of New Rules will surely transcend generations. After all, breakups happen and will continue to happen. New Rules will always be the after-break-up song. It offers a perfect piece of advice for all the girls out there.

Its video is the visual representation of female support and dealing with the strong after break-up emotions. Let us talk about that now.

New Rules’ Music Video: The Joy of Female Friendships

The new Rules music video is paramount for Dua Lipa. Because, with this video, Dua became the youngest female artist to have 1 billion views. This music video is highly acclaimed at a global level. Positive reviews popped up all over mainstream and social media.

The video is set in the Confidante Hotel in Miami. Dua and her friends first appear in a bedroom. They are struggling and stopping each other from connecting with former boyfriends. They indulge in feminine activities together. You can say, it is a girls’ slumber-party kind of thing.

They all get dressed up. The video suddenly changes the shot into that of a pool. Then, the group dances in front of the pool.

At Refinery 29, Aliza Abarbanel shared her thoughts about New Rules’ music video. She wrote, “New Rules’, and all the epic outfits in it perfectly encapsulate the joy of female friendships and the joy in getting dressed up together”.

The Music & Lyrics

It is a tropical pop and electro pop number. Moreover, there are elements of EDM and dance hall rhythms.

Talking about the lyrical aspect, New Rules is all about sharing advice. Moreover, it is about laying the sound rules for the prevention of getting back with a former boyfriend.

Whether you had a break-up or not, you need to listen to New Rules. This catchy number is a must!

Dua Lipa - New Rules
New Rules is a 2017 hit song released by British singer of Kosovo Albanian origins Dua Lipa. Download it now.
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