Ed Sheeran – Perfect

Perfect is a downloadable romantic ballad by Ed Sheeran. The song was released on 26th September 2017 and is taken from Sheeran’s third studio album called ÷. Typically, like most of his songs taken from this album, Perfect also became a hit, taking the charts by storm. The song managed to reach number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 as well as UK Singles chart. Apart from that, the song also topped the charts in numerous countries including Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand.

How to Download Perfect by Ed Sheeran

To download the song click on the link at the end of the review. The song is available from iTunes. If you like Ed Sheeran ‘s style be sure to also check out his other hit Shape of You.

The Song Review

The rising popularity of Perfect enabled Sheeran to eventually come up with a second version of the song featuring Beyoncé. It talks about how a man slowly falls in love with one of his best friends as they hang out together up to a point where he finally is able to confess his feelings with her. It is available to play through digital download.

As its name suggests, Perfect is, indeed, the perfect song to listen to on a wintery cold night. The song talks about romanticism with one’s soulmate in a charming and delightful way.

Perfect: the Lyrics

The song begins with Sheeran claiming to have found the perfect soulmate for himself who is beautiful inside and out. This is followed up by the chorus which explains how he eventually gathered up the courage to confess his love to her as they were dancing outside on the ground.

The latter part focuses on Sheeran complimenting her inner strength and dreams as they are ready to overcome all the obstacles that can come in their way. The final parts of the song consist of the chorus being sung twice before this masterpiece of a song comes to an end. Sheeran claims that he took inspiration from one of the songs by a rapper called Future. The song had finished being written within a single day.

The Video

The official music video of the song lasts 4:39 minutes and is directed by Jason Koenig. The video begins with Sheeran traveling by train to meet a friend where he falls in love with her. The two then go with their friends on a skiing trip together where they eventually begin to become more attracted to each other.

They ski together during the day and end up dancing out in the snow at night whilst everyone else is asleep. After many fun adventures together, they finally end up in a cozy cabin together where they eat pizza and take in a stray cat to care for it. In this particular part of the sequence, Sheeran sings to the girl as he confesses his love for her.

The two then come out and dance together in the snow before signing off the sequence with a kiss.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Perfect is an elegantly written, and brilliantly composed song which serves as the most suited song to listen to with our loved ones. A year after its release, the song is still heard and viewed by many. It has managed to cross over 1.5 billion views on YouTube, as well as breaking many other musical records.

Ed Sheeran – Perfect
Perfect is a hit song by the English singer Edward Christopher Sheeran (1991). Download it and enjoy the music and the special mood it sets.
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