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El Amante or the Lover in English is a song from Nicky Jam’s fourth album, Fenix. The song was released in 2017 under the Sony Latin label. El Amante was produced by Saga White Black and written by Cristhian Mena, Juan Velez, and Nick Rivera.

How to Download El Amante – Nicky Jam

You can download the song from Apple Music or Amazon Music. Click on the Download button that is located below this review. If you like Nicky Jam, check out also his other hit songs – Hasta el Amanecer and X (Equis).

The Song Review

What is El Amante about?

Nicky Jam sings to a woman he has been seeing recently. Unfortunately, she has a boyfriend, which Nicky is aware of. His lover’s relationship with her boyfriend is strained. He abuses her and doesn’t cherish her at all. Essentially, El Amante is a song asking for the woman to leave her boyfriend and pursue a relationship with Nicky.

The song has straightforward lyrics if you know the language. There is sufficient repetition, especially in the chorus, emphasizing the song’s intention.

El Amante – Nicky Jam Video Interpretation

The video begins with an intense argument between a woman and her boyfriend. The poor woman is beside herself, pleading and giving out explanations that the boyfriend refuses to believe. The accusations make her eyes water. The boyfriend leaves and slams the door behind her.

He returns after some time and begins to accuse her again. However, at this time, he breaks her stuff. The boyfriend slams a lamp on the floor. The actions terrify the woman, who cries while sitting on the floor.

Nicky Jam has been recording the song in his make-shift artist at home during these events. He asks the woman’s neighbors to make a wall out of speakers. The artist has decided to serenade her hoping she will be with him. The neighborhood kids erect a wall of speakers, strategically placing them over the other and handing over the mic to Nicky Jam.

As soon as he sings, the woman recognizes his voice and steps to the window. She leans outside and admires Nicky Jam. The video concludes with the woman coming downstairs, holding hands with Nicky Jam, and dancing the night away.

Who Will You Serenade?

The song iterates the lengths a special someone will go for you to make you theirs. On the other hand, it also displays the inner happenings of a toxic relationship. It’s a reminder of how we should celebrate the special people in our lives.

Who Is Nicky Jam?

Nicky Jam is a songwriter and singer from the urban genre. He was born in Boston in 1981 to a humble immigrant family. His Dominican mother and Puerto Rican father were ecstatic about the new bundle of joy. They knew he would go on to do big things.

Nicky Jam, or Nick Rivera Caminero, started exhibiting interest in music when he was 10. He would perform rap and play instruments with his friends. Due to financial challenges, his family moved back to Catano, Puerto Rico. Over there, Nicky Jam would work in a supermarket to help out his parents.

Supermarket customers started noticing his rapping skills in the initial half of the 1990s decade. One of the customers was the wife of a prominent recording director. She was particularly impressed by social etiquette, alongside the rapping skills. So, she invited him over to their house to meet her husband.

The husband was shocked to see the potential of a young man packing perishable items behind the counter. He offered Nicky Jam a contract for his first album, Distinto a Los Demas. Unfortunately, the album did not reach the expected heights. Still, it did introduce Nicky Jam to the music industry. After the album’s release, Nicky Jam was invited by a few DJs to show off his skills.

Nicky Jam met Daddy Yankee halfway into the 1990s. He was his personal role model and looked up to him for advice. After their initial meet, Yankee offered Nick Jam to open his concert in the Dominican Republic. Later on, Nicky Jam and Daddy Yankee would collaborate on songs such as En la Cama and Guaynabo.

El Amante - Nicky Jam
El Amante is a hit song by Nick Rivera Caminero (Nicky Jam) that comes from the album Fénix. Download it now and have fun.
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