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Bailando is the leading 2014 Spanish English crossover hit, which took the world by storm. It is an incredible number from the Spanish vocalist and songwriter Enrique Inglesias. This number was released as the 6th single from his famed 2014 album Sex and Love. Bailando was released on April 14 on YouTube. To date, the song and its music video have reached over 3.1 billion views on YT.

This Spanish banger was on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs for straight 41 weeks.

How to Download Enrique Iglesias – Bailando

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The Song Review

Bailando translates to “dancing.” Initially, when the Cuban artist shared the song with Enrique. However, when it was recorded, Enrique just loved it. This song went on to top music charts in over 50 countries. Bailando was on the No. 1 spot in all of Latin America.

In essence, Bailando is a song that celebrates life through the enchanting flamenco dance. The song just takes the dance to another level to its escalating beat. Besides, it induces romance and sparks love. Moreover, the number perfectly complements Enrique’s album Sex and Love through sexual moves.

It is “Addictive”!

The song keeps the audience hooked up. When talking to Billboard’s Gary Trust, Enrique said that there is something very addictive about Bailando.

Inglesias added, “It is romantic, it is sensual; I think that addictive is the perfect word to use for how the song comes together.”

Bailando did not just have an impact on America. It was all over the world. It was quickly picked up, played at parties and clubs.

Honestly, there is something very optimistic about this song. It brings a very positive outlook. The vocals are over the top, and they hit the right spots. Its success shot up to the roof. In the year 2015, Bailando was certified as a Triple Platinum by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America. This was because of its hefty earnings and streams.

Bailando impressively bagged 5 awards at the Billboard Latin Music Awards. Moreover, Bailando went on to win a total of 26 music awards in that year. This made it a supreme hit by Enrique Iglesias.

Bailando’s music video is totally up to the mark as well.

Bailando Music Video

A Bailando music video directed by Cuban producer Alejandro Perez premiered on Enrique’s Vevo account. It was released on YouTube, too, on April 14, 2014. On YouTube, Bailando music video stands as the 17th Most Viewed Video on the platform. Currently, it has over 3 billion views on YT. It was produced by the Artist Preserve London. However, it was shot in the Dominican Republic.

Bailando’s music video features a lead dancer, Ana Karla Suarez. Moreover, it features professional dancers from Havana’s Ballet Litz Alfonso.

The video begins with Bueno singing some of the songs. Enrique and Gente De Zona can be seen having a bit of fun in the background. Slowly they join Bueno and start singing Bailando. With this, they go out in the streets where the local people join them. Some kids can also be seen juggling with a football.

Later on, a flamenco group stuns everyone with their dance. They all are dressed in royal black gowns. However, Ana Karla Suarez wears a hot red dress and seduces Enrique. The video concludes with everyone running back after hearing the police sirens.

The Music

When it comes to music, Bailando is a Latin pop song with a rhythmic beat. This beat complements flamenco. This makes it kind of a rhythmic dance number.

Listen to Bailando and sense that rhythmic beat for yourself now!

Enrique Iglesias - Bailando
Bailando Is a Spanish hit pop song by Enrique Iglesias that was released in 2014. Download it now and have a great time listening to it.
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