Gangnam Style – Psy

Gangnam Style is K-pop dance song by the South Korean artist Psy. The song is the 18th K-pop single and is the leading single from his sixth studio album called Psy 6 Part 1. Released on 15th July 2012, the song catchy tune instantly took the world by storm as it debuted at number one in many countries including South Korean’s Gaon Chart.

It later went on to top the charts in over 30 countries including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, and the United Kingdom. It gained a global outreach such that world political leaders like David Cameron and Barack Obama even attempted the dance and claimed it to be a force for world peace. The song is available to play through digital download.

How to Download Gangnam Style

To download the full song click on the Download button. You can obtain Gangnam Style from many digital stores such as Google Play Store or iTunes.

The Song Review

According to different sources, Gangnam Style is a particular dance that refers to a lifestyle associated with the Gangnam District in Seoul. The song portrays how the members of that district are hip, trendy, and simply class apart.

The Gangnam Style Lyrics

The lyrics are quite simple with no real deep meaning as Psy basically just talks about the perfect girlfriend who knows when to get wild and when to have fun.

Psy explains how his perfect girlfriend who is sober during the day but gets hot during the night. He then follows up with claiming that he too is a guy who likes to remain sober but also wants to get wild with her late at night. Then comes the world famous chorus which goes like “Oppa Gangnam Style, Gangnam Style”.

Psy stated in an interview as to how he actually intended the song in a twisted sense of humor and that the dance was anything but high class.

The Official Video

The music video starts off with a poster of Psy hanging behind an airplane and a girl waving a sign of his face. Psy then appears walking forward in the hall of a stable as the begins to sing. The sequence is shot at different locations that keep on appearing beside one another.

In each scene, Psy along with other performers can be seen performing the legendary Gangnam dance where they put their arms in a cross and skip sideways. Whether Psy is on top of a tall building, inside a spa, random trains, or walking down a pathway, he can be seen doing the Gangnam style.

The sequence basically displays how the dance is so dangerously infectious that anyone, regardless of who they might be and they whey might be doing, will start dancing to the tune of the song.

The whole music video consists of random people with Psy dancing and doing the Gangnam style while they perform their everyday tasks. The music video, which was released on 15th July 2012, became a massive hit throughout the world.

The video became the first ever YouTube sequence to break the 1 billion views barrier. It became the most viewed video of that time and has, so far, managed to cross over 3.2 billion views in total.

Psy’s Success

Ever since its release, Gangnam Style has played a big part in the rise of K-pop throughout the world. Many popular Korean bands such as BTS have Psy and Gangnam style to thank for their increasing popularity and supporters that come from foreign countries.

PSY – Gangnam Style
Gangnam Style is a massive international hit by the Korean pop band Psy. Download it and dance to the beat. It's awesome.
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