Gente de Zona – La Gozadera ft. Marc Anthony

La Gozadera is a Spanish and Venezuelan term for celebrating a joyous time together. The song we are discussing today also carries the same meaning. It was released by Gente de Zona and Mark Anthony in 2015. La Gozadera is an anthem of the Latin culture. It celebrates its vibrancy and diverse traditions.

It was written by Arbise Gonzales, Randy Malcolm, and Alexander Hernandez. La Gozadera was produced by Motiff and released under the Sony Music Entertainment US Latin label. The song plays over a salsa beat, which will provoke you to loosen your hips.

How to Download Gente de Zona – La Gozadera ft. Marc Anthony

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The Song Review

La Gozadera – the Video

The video begins with a busy narrow street in a Latin country. The cars are jammed together with pedestrians walking by the side. Gente de Zona has gotten in a car accident with a street fire extinguisher. They argue in the car while Marc Anthony watches from a nearby roof.

Gente de Zona jumps onto the car’s roof and begins to sing. Marc Anthony joins in. The pedestrians turn into backup dancers and rush toward the music duo. We see them turn into representatives of their country with flags painted over their bodies. The intersection becomes a mini-concert with Gente de Zona singing, backup dancers, and regular pedestrians video tapping the event.

Marc Anthony performs with his backup dancers on the rooftop, looking straight at the camera. Alejandro Perez directs the music video to ensure it celebrates the Latin culture. The backup dancers were hired from Ballet Revolution, a Cuban dance company.

Even though it may look like the singers are at the same location, it is definitely not so. Scenes with Marc Anthony were filmed in the DominicanRepublic, while Gente de Zona’s half was directed in Cuba. The video concludes with Alexander’s car being towed away for repair.

The Bottom Line

We encourage you to listen to the song to learn about Latin culture. The song is a correct representation of how music can teach us about different societies around the world.

About the Artists

Who Are Gente de Zona?

The name of the duo behind La Gozadera, Gente de Zona, translates to “People of the Community.” The music duo consists of Alexander Delgado and Michel Delgado. In 2000, they played at birthday parties and local clubs until Alexander switched to singing reggaeton in 2005. The decision was taken based on the growing popularity of the genre. Furthermore, it also blended into the Cuban culture and band aesthetic.

The band became widely recognized for their song “Pa’la Gente de Mi Zona” in 2005. The duo seized the opportunity and soon released their first album, which was a success. The growing popularity landed them a music deal with Italy’s Planet Records. Gente de Zona released more music in 2010 and 2012 subsequently.

There was no stopping them now. Gente de Zona became widely recognized all over Cuba, so they decided to diversify their revenue streams by launching perfumes. In 2012, Alexander released Havana de Primera’s collaboration with Gente de Zona. In addition, they also collaborated with Pitbull and El Cata the same year.

Who Is Marc Anthony?

Marc Anthony was born in 1968. He would listen to Hector Lavoe and Willi Colon ever since he could walk and talk. Early in childhood, at the age of 12, David Harris discovered Marc Anthony and his sister. He was looking for child artists for commercials, and he hired Anthony to sing in the background.

The TV staff was very impressed with songwriting skills. His earliest release with his schoolmate Safire reached the top 40 hip-hop songs. Anthony’s singing portfolio continued to grow by singing for the Latin Rascals, Safire, and Menudo.

Anthony worked with Little Louie Vega, a producer, to release his first album in 1991. When the Night is Over featured well-known artists such as Eddie Palmieri and Tito Puente.

Gente de Zona - La Gozadera ft. Marc Anthony
La Gozadera is a hit song by Gente de Zona - Alexander Delgado (Hernandez) and Randy Malcom. and Marc Anthony. Download it now.
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