Good Form – Nicki Minaj ft. Lil Wayne

Good Form is a downloadable trap song by Nicki Minaj which also features vocals from Lil Wayne. The song is taken from Minaj’s fourth studio album called Queen and is produced by Plu$$ and Mike WiLL Made-It.

How to Download Good Form by Nicki Minaj

To download Good Form click on the Download link placed at the end of this review. You might be interested also in other songs by Nicki Minaj, such as Barbie Dreams or Bed.

The Song Review

Good Form was officially released on 29th November 2018 and follows the same pattern as most of Minaj’s songs from Queen. The song is about Minaj explaining how badass of a woman she is and that truly, she is the ultimate queen who ever stepped foot in the world of music. The song is a remix and is available to play through digital download.

Goof Form: the Lyrics

Good Form is an explicit and bold song, quite similar to Minaj’s previous singles. The song begins with Minaj introducing herself with praise as she openly describes her materialistic luxurious life.

She further goes on to establish herself as a dominant personality through the following verses: “Who, you gotta see, honestly on my odyssey, I’m the baddest B, I don’t even know how to speak”.

The main chorus holds up a series of rap verses that are somewhat random but, when combined, make up a colorful vocal pattern. Minaj sings about being loyal by taking care of his boyfriend and not cheating on him. She even goes as far as explaining how she can even attempt to have his baby just to be good to him.

In the latter part of the song, Minaj is joined by the legendary Lil Wayne who raps in synchronization with her. The duo sings a number of explicit verses based on sexual nature.

The Video

The official music video, directed by Colin Tilley, begins with Minaj walking down a hallway. Much like its lyrics, the video is also quite sexually explicit. Following the pattern, Minaj can be seen sitting in an expensive car as she sings along to the tune.

In support, she is joined by female performers in the background who pose and dance with her.

The music video mainly involves Minaj explicitly dancing and twerking to the tune along with the performers. Her clothing style varies as the song progresses as she holds her ground for the most part of the song.

In the latter, she is joined by the Young Money boss Lil Wayne who takes the spotlight and raps next to Minaj. The duo can then be seen standing together side by side. The music video ends with Tyga (check out and download his Dip featuring Nicki Minaj) making a brief cameo, displaying how the Young Money family remains stronger than ever.

Who is Lil Wayne?

Lil Wayne is an American rapper who began his career in 1991. Over the years, Lil Wayne has managed to increase his reputation to a point where is considered to be a veteran in the industry.

In 2012, he broke the record of having the most entries on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, with having 109 songs, thereby crossing the previous record held by Elvis Presley. His most recent album, called The Carter V, has so far managed to sell over 100 million records around the globe.

Overall, Good Form is an explicit, yet entertaining song that gives out the typical Nicki Minaj vibes.

Good Form – Nicki Minaj ft. Lil Wayne
Good Form is a catchy song by Onika Tanya Maraj (born in December 1982) and Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. (born in September 1982). Download it and enjoy the rhythm.


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