Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra)

Have you ever been in a person where you despise the existence of another human being? Gotye dedicated Somebody that I used to know you to his ex without mentioning their pronoun. The song is objective by calling the previous lover Somebody. It embodies distance and toxicity in a well-translated communication.

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The Song Review

The Lyrics and their Meaning

The artist, Gotye, attempts to communicate with an ex-lover through the song. The relationship lasted for five to six years, but it came to a very toxic end. However, the singer still misses his previous lover even though they hurt each other very much. The hurt is best expressed in the chorus.  However, the song builds up to realize they are both better apart from each other.

Some would argue the lyrics You said that you could let it go. And I wouldn’t catch you hung up on somebody that you used to know is alluding to the existence of the perfect human being. The person you used to know; however, the person has changed since you first met them.

Gotye realized the pedestal he placed his lover on was undeserving. The lover was not perfect or the manifestation of his innermost thoughts. Realizing the bitter reality, the singer can’t still let go of the lover. It constructedan internal struggle that the lover escaped by ending the relationship.

The lyrics of somebody that I used to know signal the need to erase specific memories for psychological comfort. The song represents Gotye’s internal voice escaping through music and melody. Even though he has strong feelings for his lover, it is based on moving in life separately, without hurting each other.

The song is also about two-way communication between Gotye and his previous lover. The assessment is valid based on nostalgic lyrics which bring reminiscing feelings from within. It seems the lover and Gotye are insecure about the future and come to a relationship halt where they are unsure how to move forward.

Somebody that I Used to Know – the Video

The video begins with a floor shot that later traces the nude outline of the artist. We see the camera following his feet, up to his pelvic bone, to the face. Gotye begins to sing with teary eyes to express emptiness and sadness because his relationship has ended.

Gotye continues to sing, but this time, he looks at the camera, mimicking his conversation. We see the background fill up with geometrical shapes to represent the timeline as the song progresses. Because of his musical talents and composition power, Gotye successfully communicated his pain and suffering to the audience.

The background is filled with a mosaic pattern that embodies Gotye and Kimbra as the song continues. The featured artist comes closer to the audience to sing her lyrics or part of the conversation. The background painted on the singers Kimbra and Gotye communicate life continuum. It signals everything comes together at the end, and the pain is only temporary, which we all eventually overcome.

Natasha Pincus directed, edited, and produced the video—talk about cinematography prowess! The video features Gotye and Kimbra singing without clothing, covered with body paint. The video was shot over two days.

Gotye would drive home at nine in the morning with body paint all over his face at the end of the shooting day. He would order coffee from McDonald’s so he wouldn’t crash from exhaustion.


The song is about realizing the person you are with is not for you. The bitter realization can be heartbreaking. However, it is necessary to always put yourself first if you ever wish to be happy! Somebody that I used to know could be therapeutic if you are experiencing the same situation.

Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra)
Somebody That I Used To Know is a song by Wouter "Wally" De Backer (1980) and Kimbra Lee Johnson (1990). Download it now and enjoy the music.
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