Imagine Dragons – Thunder

Imagine Dragons released Thunder in 2017. It was part of their Evolve Album which focused on electro-pop and arena rock genres. The song was one of the popular releases by the band until it broke up in 2018. However, Thunder is still well-received because of its not-so-deep meaning.

How to Download Imagine Dragons – Thunder

You can download Thunder as a single or as a part of the album Evolve. Click on the Download button below this review and choose your digital shop. Check out also another hit song by Imagine Dragons – Believer.

The Song Review

Thunder by Imagine Dragons Lyrics Interpretation

Remember when you were a “young gun with a quick fuse,” you thought you could do anything. As a child, we always dream big. We think anything is possible. On the other hand, we are also very short-tempered. No wonder throwing a tantrum is always associated with a child.

The lead singer, Dan Reynolds, was the same. However, he was unhappy with his childhood. He was not a yes-man as he would dream bigger than his friends. The words seat and number in the song imply breaking the rules to enter the music industry early since he was “lightning before the thunder.”

The chorus emphasizes the ideology in the previous verse mentioned above. It’s a lot of the same words too:

Thunder, feel the thunder
Lightning and the thunder
Thunder, feel the thunder
Lightning and the thunder
Thunder, thunder

The second worse is collectively sung by the band. It emphasizes the pathway to success based on dreaming. Reynolds portrays his past by saying while his friends were busy laughing and partying in high school, he was scheming to achieve success. In other words, he “was scheming for the masses.” Something that would appeal to millions.

His friends asked him “Who do you think you are / Dreaming ’bout being a big star?,” but he would ignore them. in addition, Reynolds would point out their laziness since they were leading their lives how everyone expected. His friends wouldn’t push their boundaries. The lead singer would constantly say the friends are “riding in the back seat.”

Now I’m smiling from the stage
While you were clapping in the nose bleeds

The lyrics imply the singer has made his dreams come true. He is a singer and well known with an audience cheering him on. Alas, his friends that made fun of him are in the audience—clapping in a crowd of thousands, where they are one of many.

The song is heavily centered on achieving success and wanting to be the thunder that startles everyone. It symbolizes a strong presence that stops people to identify the source of the sound.

Thunder by Imagine Dragons – the Video

The video greets us in a futuristic city filled with skyscrapers and pedestrians going about their lives. However, everyone stops dead in their tracks to look at the fluorescent beams coming out of the sky.

Immediately the frame switches to Reynolds singing the song with aliens standing behind him. He is dressed in all black with a zipper detail over his left shoulder. We see unknown creatures sliming on computer chips, an alien contortionist, and a sorceress performing spells with her three-tip tongue.

Reynolds continues to sing on a bridge andrandom streets while the aliens perform dance acts. On one frame, we even see sheep and llamas floating in the air.

The video introduces a very unconventional society that welcomes technology and foreign beings without parading them as an outcast. As the video comes to a close, the city is lit with fireworks with the florescent yellow and green rays still beaming from the sky.

The Bottom Line

Thunder is about standing out and continuing to follow your dreams. So whether you are a child or an adult, never stop being in yourself. Remember, things aren’t bad in your life but they could always be better. The song will motivate you to try new things, which is exactly what you need to pursue your passion.

Imagine Dragons - Thunder
Thunder is a song by Imagine Dragons. Download it now and enjoy the music by this famous American pop rock group.
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