J Balvin, Zion & Lennox – No Es Justo

No Es Justo is a Spanish pop song by J Balvin, Zion, and Lennox. The song was officially released on 11th May 2018. The song is basically a depiction of flirtation where Balvin talks about the girl of his dreams. Most of the lyrics define what the girl looks like and how she acts. The song is available to play on every major musical platform including YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, Google Play and iTunes.

How to Download No Es Justo

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The Song Review

No Es Justo, in its entirety, is a flirtatious song which has taken the charts by storm. The urban song has been maintaining its position within the top 25 on the Hot Latin Songs for eight weeks consistently. The Colombian singer teams up with the Puerto Rican duo to talk about their ultimate crush through the song’s lyrics.

No Es Justo Lyrics in English

When translated from Spanish to English, the lyrics describe Balvin’s crush by complimenting her appearance and assuming that she likes him back. Supported by a catchy background tune, the lyrics used to describe the crush go as follows: “When you begin to dance, it’s unfair it’s unfair, I can notice it in your eyes, you like me, you like me”.

The Music Video

Moving on to the official music video which was released on 28th June 2018, No Es Justo is shot at a part next to a lake where children can be seen skateboarding and playing different sports together.

The trio makes their appearance along with what seems to be their child versions as well. The sequence then progresses on to display the parallel crushes of both the adults and the young children.

Where the main performing trio can be seen complimenting their crushes, their younger versions also equally take part by stalking their opposites. As part of the colorful performance, one of the young girls falls down the skateboard whilst trying to skate down the ramp.

This instantly triggers one of the kids to go and help his crush out by calming her down and giving her support. The video ends as the young boy gets her crush an ice-cream whereas, at the same time, the adult crushes of the trio begin to notice them as well.

The video is somewhat of a portrayal of spreading love and being open towards confessing one’s feelings to their loved ones. It is a mixture of a dance performance, topped up with scenes that celebrate little moments such as the acts of spreading love.

No Es Justo is a single which is taken from J Balvin’s fifth studio album called Vibras. The pop album was mostly received with positive reviews because of its summery vibes and entertaining lyrics. Vibras attained the highest first-week streams for a Latin album on Apple Music. In addition, it also became the most-streamed Latin album in 24 hours on the streaming platform for 2018.

Who is J Balvin?

J Balvin is a reggaeton singer who hails from Colombia. Balvin began his musical career when he released his debut album in 2009 called Real. Balvin also featured on remixes of popular songs including ‘The Way’ and ‘Problem’ by Ariana Grande, Maps by Maroon 5, and Stuck on a Feeling by Prince Royce.

J. Balvin, Zion & Lennox – No Es Justo
No Es Justo (eng. It's Not Fair) is a song in Spanish with three singers: J Balvin, Zion, and Lennox. Download it and enjoy the Latino rhythm.
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