Janet Jackson & Daddy Yankee – Made For Now

Made For Now is a downloadable afrobeat pop song by Janet Jackson which also features Daddy Yankee, a renowned American rapper. The song is a single and was released on 17th August 2018. It did fairly well as far as social media popularity is concerned however, it has failed to accomplish anything significant on the Billboard charts so far. Up till now, Made For Now has only peaked at 79th position on the Scotland Billboard charts.

How to Download Janet Jackson – Made For Now

You can download the hit song by Janet Jackson from iTunes or enjoy it completely free watching the official video she posted on YouTube. To begin downloading hit the link at the end of this song review.

The Song Review

The production for this song began in September 2017. During Jackson’s State of the World Tour, she revealed to one of the songwriters that she is planning to write a song that is based on love and unity.

The song that was to be produced would be linked to Jackson’s own Nigerian cultural heritage combined with creative Latino inspiration.

At the same time, Jackson’s team contacted Daddy Yankee who wholeheartedly accepted the offer after hearing about the theme behind the song.

The song was officially announced on 12th August 2018 by Jackson herself through social media. It was also promoted through a live performance held by the two singers on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Moving on to the major themes presented in the music video, there are numerous messages that have come across the minds of people after viewing and listening to the song’s official video.

One of them is the obvious foundation of peace and unity which is blatantly shown throughout the sequence. The video itself a is mix up of different individuals from different heritages dancing, singing, and playing together along with the two lead singers themselves who stand out.

The video features dancers who hail from Ghana, Nigeria, Grenada, Trinidad, and the United States who come together and put on a performance based on African-Inspired Choreography.

The other main theme that has been talked about over the media is the empowering message that Jackson has sent through her video and lyrics. One of the lyrics, as sung by Jackson, states “When Jackson sings, don’t stop ‘cause I break those ceilings”.

Many of its viewers have claimed that perhaps Jackson is referring to all the obstacles and problems that women face in their everyday lives. “…break those ceilings” in this perspective actually refers to going past those obstacles that women face during their everyday lives.

Apart from that, the song also talks about living in the moment and being thankful for what you have in life. In an interview, Jackson talked about how a lot of people are haunted by their pasts or are afraid of their futures, but this song is a reflection as to how we should live the moment and enjoy the present.

Overall, Made For Now is an underrated upbeat song. Despite its strong message of positivity, the song has not been able to make much of an impact as far as the billboards are concerned. Regardless, it is a song which is certain to lift up anyone’s mood as it is a reminder that no matter how tough things become, there is always something to be happy about.

Janet Jackson & Daddy Yankee - Made For Now
Made For Now is a hit song by Janet Jackson featuring the rapper Daddy Yankee. Download it now and watcher the video so full of colors and dancing.
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