Jason Derulo & David Guetta – Goodbye (feat. Nicki Minaj & Willy William)

Goodbye is a downloadable R&B song by Jason Derulo and David Guetta which also features the likes of Nicki Minaj and Willy William. The song was written by David Guetta and Nicki Minaj themselves, along with Phillipe Greiss, Davin Saint Fleur, Art Beatz, and Curtis Gray.

How to Download Jason Derulo & David Guetta – Goodbye

If you want to download the song simply click on the Download link located below the Goodbye review.

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The Song Review

Released on 24th August 2018, the song is included in Guetta’s seventh studio album called 7 and is also expected to be a part of Jason Derulo’s upcoming album. The song is sung in a bright and colorful manner where the lyrics talk about wanting to stay with their lovers despite having to leave eventually. Goodbye is available to play through digital download.

The Lyrics and the Melody

The song opens with Jason Derulo singing about how it is time to say goodbye and leave even though he would like to stay the night.

The lyrics basically talk about how their lovers are special to them in a way that they just cannot compare to anyone else in the world as described in the following verses, “Girls in Haiti they throw it, in Jamaica they rool it. Girls in Spain do the mostest, But only you got my focus”.

The song consists of two choruses, one is partially considered a pre-chorus where Derulo and Minaj sing together followed by the main chorus where Williams joins the duo to sing about saying goodbye unwillingly. In the latter part of the song, Nicki Minaj performs a solo where she explicitly sings about how she is open to all choices and opportunities that are provided to her in terms of sexuality.

The song also has some of its parts sung in Spanish courtesy of Williams and Minaj.

Goodbye – the Music Video

The music video of the song begins with an aerial shot of London city. Derulo wakes up from bed in the middle of the night as he sings about not wanting to get up and leave.

The sequence then displays Derulo preparing to sing in the studio whereas at the same time his lover gets up and prepares herself for him. This is followed by Minaj and Williams making appearances on separate occasions.

Williams can be seen singing and dancing with numerous performers in the background. One of the main features of this sequence is how it is performed with an optimistic vibe.

The main performers including Derulo, Williams, and Minaj can be seen wearing colorful outfits with balloons and string ribbons in the background. In the second half of the sequence, David Guetta makes an entrance as well as he can be seen performing on stage in what seems to be a concert.

Past Cooperations

Goodbye was initially announced by Guetta when he released his seventh studio album. This song was the fourth collaboration between Minaj and Guetta. Previously, the duo had released hit songs like Hey Mama, Listen, In My Head, and Where Them Girls At.

On the other hand, Derulo cooperated with Nicki also on his other hit song Swalla.

Jason Derulo & David Guetta – Goodbye. Do We Like It?

Overall, Goodbye is a great song when it comes to dancing and singing along to it. The chorus is quite catchy and the bright tune that it provides is certainly a breath of fresh air for many R&B fans. And we love it.

Jason Derulo & David Guetta – Goodbye (feat. Nicki Minaj & Willy William)
Goodbye is a fantastic catchy song by the American singer Jason Derulo (1989), French DJ David Guetta (1967), American rapper Nicki Minaj (1982), and another French DJ and singer Willy William (1981). Download it and watch the cool video too.
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