Jennie – Solo

Solo is a Korean-pop song by Jennie. The song was officially released on 12th November 2018 by Jennie Kim who actually belongs to the renowned all-girl South Korean band known as Blackpink. The band made headlines early in 2018 after it became the highest-ranked South Korean band in the Billboard 200 and Hot 100.

How to Download Jennie – Solo

To download Solo by Jennie hit the Download link below the review. The song can be downloaded from iTunes.

The Song Review

Solo is Jennie’s first Solo song where she sings about freeing herself from a toxic relationship. The song is a spiritual journey for Jennie as she transforms from a luxurious blind lover to a charismatic independent woman. The song is available to play through digital download.

Jennie – Solo: the Lyrics

Solo is mainly sung in Korean with partial verses rapped in English. It begins as Jennie sings about how she is tired and worn out from pretending to be delicate. She explains how her relationship had left her exhausted and stressed out from all the caring and sincerity.

The song becomes more colorful as it reaches up to the main chorus where she cheers herself into admitting that she is going to shine independently. The latter part of the song is about Jennie finally being able to love herself and her decision to fly Solo as she explains “Used to be your girl, now I’m used to being the GOAT, You’re sittin’ on your feelings, I’m sittin’ on my throne…”.

Lastly, the song ends with the lyrics describing Jennie’s dream of going far away from all the cringy relationships and feelings so that she can focus on herself and rise beyond the clouds.

The Video

The official music video of the song begins with Jennie sitting on top of a white colored car, singing the lyrics. Initially, up until the main chorus hits in, Jennie’s performance portrays her as a depressed young girl who is suffering from a typical toxic relationship.

The main chorus adds flavor the video as she dances in a large room, indicating how it is time to finally move on from her stress. As the sequence progresses, Jennie’s movements and facial features lift up from being depressed to being confident about her decision. She dances away in different locations along with smiling and riding her bicycle.

At the end of the sequence, Jennie is joined by numerous female performers as they all synchronize their movements to perform a pop cultural song before she signs out.

The dance movements within the music video are related to its main idea. Initially, Jennie is seen confronting objects that were once treasure to her. On the contrary, the latter part of the sequence shows her in wings, clearly portraying how she has overcome her weaknesses and is now free. In an interview, Jennie explained that the song basically portrays multiple sides of her personality and is based on her personal experience.

Who’s Jennie?

Jennie, whose real name is Jennie Kim, is a South Korean artist who started taking part in musical activities from a very young age. She got her first break after joining the band Blackpink in 2016. The group, so far, has released two albums namely Square One and Square Two and is slowly but surely making a name for itself.

Jennie – Solo
Solo is a K-pop song by Jennie Kim (1996). Download the song now and watch the colorful video of the young South Korean artist.
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