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The supremely talented John Legend redefined love with his hit number ‘All of Me’ in 2013. This song is an ethereal ode to his wife, the gorgeous Chrissy Teigen. She is an ace American actor and fashion model. Chrissy Teigen went on to star in the music video herself.

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The Song Review

The power couple stunned us to the core with this song. John’s strong vocals and Chrissy’s alluring looks just left us in awe of them. All of me was released on October 2, 2013, on YouTube. However, it was originally released in August of 2013. Presently, it has been viewed over 2 billion times on YT. The song is an integral part of John’s 4th studio album, Love in the Future, 2013.

‘All of me’ just seems to us like an epic saga of love. Through this love ballad, John Legend paid tribute to her that time fiancée, Chrissy. The couple tied the knot just a month (in September 2013) after the song was released in August 2013. These two love birds first met on the sets of the song Stereo back in the year 2007. That is where it all started.

The song, along with its music video, was released on YT on October 2, 2013. It is delicate and deep; that is where the magic of love truly lies.

All of Me – Bound to Be a Commercial Success

This song was destined to become a commercial success.  By the May of 2014, all of me took the No. 1 spot on the US Billboard Hot 100 songs charts. This was a groundbreaking win for John Legend; this was his first hit on this chart after 10 years. In the US, this became the second bestselling song of the year 2014. On the UK Singles Chart, All of me was ranked No. 2 and became the third bestselling song of 2014 in the UK. It also topped charts in Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand.

An Essential Track – Critical Performance

Overall, the song received positive reviews.

Exclaim wrote about the song, Legend’s current commercially friendly, sentimental sound”. On the other hand, the Rolling Stone referred to the song as a “mountainous piano crusher.”

If you watch its video, you will see that John Legend’s vocals rule the game and shine throughout the music video. This ultimately makes it an essential track.

Let us talk about its music video.

All of Me – the Music Video Is Just Surreal!

For us, the music video is just surreal and is impactful. The whole video is in black and white, shot incredibly in Italy. After shooting the music video, Chrissy and John Legend tied the knot. The wedding took place at the same location at Lake Como, Italy, which makes it even more beautiful. Now, that makes it sound like a perfect fairytale.

The video revolves around the relationship of John and Chrissy, all in a monochromatic look.

A little interesting fact is the song’s music video. John Legend chose the same person to direct the video, which introduced these two. He is Elderkin.

The video begins with John’s reflection in a door glass. In the next shot, he is seen looking over Chrissy, who is lying by the poolside in a swimsuit. With a change of scene, he is seen playing piano and starts to sing. Further, throughout the video, both get involved in various activities and make love.

The video ending is awesome and well deserved. It concludes with an actual shot from their wedding as they share a kiss.

Music & Lyrics

All of me is a slow tempo and piano tunes, ideally incorporated in the track. In terms of music, it is simply a love ballad.

John Legend - All of Me
All of Me is a song by John Roger Stephens (1978) known as John Legend. Download it now and have a good romantic and emotional time.
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