Katy Perry – Bon Appétit ft. Migos

Bon Appétit is an amazing song sung by the famous American singer, whom we all know as Katy Perry. The song also features the appearance of American’s famous hip hop group, Migos. This song belongs to Katy’s 5th studio album, released in 2017, named Witness.

The song is a perfect mixture of trap-pop with the dance-pop effect and the electronic upbeat. It has the lyrics that ate featuring the oral sex double entendres based on food involvement. Commercially, the song was a bit hit which even made its way into the top 10 chart listing in Israel and Bulgaria. It earned huge fame in countries like Panama, Canada, the Netherlands, the Philippines, and Belgium.

How to Download Katy Perry – Bon Appétit ft. Migos

You can download the song from a digital store such as Amazon Music or Apple Music – click on the Download button that is located below this review. If you like Katy Perry, check out also her other hits – Firework, Last Friday Night, Dark Horse, and Dark Horse.

The Song Review

Katy Perry – Bon Appétit – the Meaning of the Lyrics

As we talk about the song’s lyrics, they depict a powerful message of women’s empowerment. The singer has used metaphor in the song where she is trying to highlight her sexuality and making her feel like a piece of the hot dish which everyone wants to eat.

As the song progresses, the lyrics become a bit naughty, and it will make you feel a bit shy and smile because the words are quite interesting. You have to check out the song to see why we are saying this to you.

Katy Perry – Bon Appétit Video Interpretation

In one of the interviews, Katy Perry did highlight the actual meaning of the song, which was based on female empowerment in the direction of patriarchal oppression.

As it is visible in the video that a group of men chefs is trying to oppress a dish which is a lady, and she cannot do anything but follow them. This happens in real society, where women have no power to oppress men and stop them. Katy is trying to depict her personal story in the video with a strong message.

Katy Perry looks stunning throughout the whole video in her true beauty.

Have You Listened to Katy Perry – Bon Appétit?

To end with the discussion, Katy Perry’s – Bon Appétit is an incredible song, and you should not miss this masterpiece. Here is the link for you; go and check this out!

About Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s original name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. She is professionally known as a famous American singer, actress, songwriter, and renowned television personality. Thus, she has gained huge success by giving her music a pop sound effect of the 2010s.

At the age of 16, she moved into the gospel music career, where she released her first album in 2001, Katy Hudson. This album was not commercially a big hit, but this did not disappoint her.  At the age of 17, she made her way to Los Angeles to adopt the style of secular music and adopt the name Katy Perry as her stage name.

Katy Perry - Bon Appétit ft. Migos
Bon Appétit is a 2017 song by Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (1984). It comes from her fifth album which is called Witness. Download it now.
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Katy Perry - Bon Appétit ft. Migos Review Summary

  • The song beautifully highlights the message of women's empowerment
  • The beat of the song is so soothing
  • Few sexual scenes in the video have made it look like adultery
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