Lady Gaga – Bad Romance

Bad Romance is written by Lady Gaga and Red One. It is one of the most listened to songs by her, celebrating electronic dance movement, pop, electro-pop, alternative/indie genres. The song was released in 2009 as part of the Fame Monster.

How to Download Lady Gaga – Bad Romance

You can download the song from Amazon Music or Apple Music. Check out also the movie with Lady Gaga A Star is Born and a hit song from this film Shallow (sung with Bradely Cooper).

The Song Review

Bad Romance by Lady Gaga – the Lyrics

Bad Romance’s underlying business is challenging to identify upon initially hearing it. However, after a few replays, you realize it is about obsessiveness. A special someone whose move you track and fascinated with the results. Furthermore, the song mentions the effects of these unwise movements; knowing well the person you love is not the best fit for you.

The song starts with “I want your ugly, I want your disease,” admitting your partner is an unwell addition to your life. However, the singer is too taken by his looks to realize there are incompatible and worse for each other.

Regardless of the circumstances, Lady Gaga continues to put her partner on a pedestal. Unfortunately, no matter her actions or display of emotions, the partner is never satisfied. Instead, the partner takes the ugly route to point out the faults and mistakes in Lady Gaga. Yet, her heart bleeds, “I want your love, and I want your revenge.”

The emotional manipulation takes a toll and internally breaks the singer. She feels her world is empty as it was “Just we two.” Lady Gaga cannot bear losing her partner, so she attempts suicide. This is evident from the lyrics, “You’re the assassin of all my live/But I am your courtesan.”

It seems Lady Gaga has one more fight left in her. The chorus sings, “I want your horror, I want your design.” Here, the artist asks for the lover to continue physically and mentally abusing her. She is simply not ready to let go. However, the artist knows the toxic relationship will end, so she enjoys his presence.

“Just dance, gonna be okay” implies she will survive the separation. Though she is not looking forward to being without her partner, she intends to entertain him with dancing and provocative behavior.

The remainder of the lyrics represents someone excessively controlled as a puppet. In this case, Lady Gaga is a puppet to her lover. She feels out of control which thrills her to stay in the relationship. Moreover, she is blinded by her partner’s behavior simply becauseof how he makes her feel.

Bad Romance by Lady Gaga Video

The presentation and preparation of the video make it very memorable to new listeners and OG fans. The costumes were designed by couture designer Alexander McQueen, who sent a private collection for Gag to approve. She had created some of the most unconventional and bizarre-looking outfits for the video to represent Gaga’s personal style.

The video reveals the artist’s stripped-down version, minus the heavy make-up and clothes. Though the outfits may be extreme, Gaga’s make-up is kept very natural and neutral throughout the video.

It is meant to create a connection with the music listener as someone vulnerable, innocent, and pure as she is usually photographed wearing a full done face.

Artificial lighting has been used in the video to mimic a hospital-like feeling. However, few frames are captured in dim light to add contrast and mood to the video. Overall, the settings represent a futuristic bathhouse with clean, white corners with white furniture to tie it all together. Towards the end, full-body camera work is employed, an opposite of panning movement in the beginning.

The Bottom Line – Be Happy!

Bad romance is a literary interpretation of an unhealthy relationship that can quickly become an obsession. There is where your life can take an ugly return and crumble all around you.

You must realize there is so much to live for than being attached to someone, assuming you find yourself in a similar situation. Learn to prioritize yourself to experience inner happiness rather than a contingent version.

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance
Bad Romance is a hit song sung by Lady Gaga from 2009. Download it now and have an energy boosting experience.
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