Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper – Shallow (A Star Is Born)

Shallow is a downloadable country pop song performed by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. The song is a single taken from the 2018 film A Star Is Born. It is co-written by Lady Gaga herself, along with Mark Ronson, Anthony Rossomando, and Andrew Wyatt. Released on 27th September 2018. The song basically portrays the theme of the film which is the process of struggling and fighting against the world in order to succeed in life. It is available to play through digital download.

How to Download Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper – Shallow (A Star Is Born)

To start downloading the full song click on the download link below the review. The song can be downloaded from iTunes.

The Song Review

The Lyrics

Shallow, in terms of its lyrics, is quite a different song compared to other recent releases. The song is deep as it majorly discusses the act of effort that takes place inside a person’s mind. It talks about how having physical luxuries in this world does not mean that the person is indeed happy on the inside as well. Referring to this materialistic world, Cooper sings “Tell me somethin’ girl, are you happy in this modern world? Or do you need more?”.

He further sings about explaining as to how people suffer so much just to search for internal happiness. These verses are followed up by Gaga who defines a feeling of hope for all those who are suffering. She sings “I’m off the deep end, watch as I dive in, I’ll never meet the ground”.

This particular verse describes how peoples words and opinions do not matter if the individual themselves believe in their abilities to do well and how we can never fall as long as we keep trying and fighting against all the hate that we encounter. The chorus states how we can never become shallow like the rest as long as we keep on trying.

Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper – Shallow (A Star Is Born): the Official Video

The video sequence of the song begins as Bradley Cooper can be seen on stage with Lady Gaga who seems to be in a gloomy mood and who is still on her way to the show. Since the original film features for Gaga and Cooper as part of the main cast, we get to see different cutouts from the original film as well.

Much like the overall theme of the song, the video is also about the struggles that duo face within the movie. The cutouts of the film display how both the individuals were once happy in their own lives until eventually, it all fell apart which lead to them giving up on themselves.

Eventually, the sequence displays how both of them got through their issues together and became reunited once again. Cooper can be clearly seen smiling supporting Gaga now as she sings her hear out loud. The video ends as Gaga and Cooper get together and hug each other with love, displaying how they truly they are above shallow.

Who’s Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, over the years, has become a musical icon that hundreds of thousands of people follow. She has become somewhat of a legend who first stepped into the world of music unofficially during her teenage years.

In 2007, she released her first studio album called The Fame which included numerous popular singles such as Telephone, Bad Romance, and Alejandro. Her fame grew at a great pace as she went on to release other hit singles such as Just Dance, Poker Face, and Born This Way. Fast forward to today, Gaga is seen as one of the most populous icons around the world.

Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper – Shallow (A Star Is Born)
Shallow by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper is a song taken from the movie A Star Is Born. Download it and listen to now.
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