Llegaste Tú – CNCO, Prince Royce

Llegaste Tú is a Latin pop song by CNCO and Prince Royce. The song was initially teased by both artists through their official Instagram posts and was planned to be released during the Latin AMAs celebration. The video has also become a major YouTube hit.

How to Download Llegaste Tú by CNC and Prince Royce

In order to download the song in a digital format click on the Download link located below the review. The song can be obtained for example from iTunes.

The Song Review

The song focuses on romance in a more colorful and entertaining manner. Its theme revolves around the artists talking and admiring about the woman that they have a crush on. The song was officially released on 25th October 2018 and is available to play through digital download.

Llegaste Tú Lyrics

The lyrics first begin with introducing the singers involved by chanting their names out. The song then describes how before he met his crush, Royce never believed in love which turned him into a womanizer.

A good portion of the song is then spent on describing the physical attributes of that woman and admiring her beauty at the same time. Finally, the main chorus, sung by CNCO, explains the weird feelings that are taking place inside which resultantly forces the guy to fall in love with her crush. The hilarious chorus is explained in the following lines “Since you arrived, what’s going on? What am I feeling? How violent I fell in love”.

In the second half of the song, CNCO sings about how they do not care about anyone else as long as they have her. Further, both the artists describe how their love for her has completely changed their way of thinking.

Llegaste Tú: the Video

The music video begins with an aerial view of the city before the members of CNCO make their on-screen appearance. The video moves forward as Royce shows up singing in the middle of the road as they walk towards a small crowd of young girls and boys singing and having fun together.

Royce meets the members of CNCO after which all of them stand side by side, singing the chorus together. The crowd then moves forward towards a small beach house before making their way towards the small car garage where the chorus begins once again.

In the latter part of the video, all the performers including the main singers stand together and dance in a synchronized manner. The video ends with the song coming to a close and all the members celebrating its completion.

The Song Production

In one of his interviews, Royce explained how, during the production of the song, he instantly thought of CNCO and explained his desire to work with the boy band due to their incredible talent. The two bands mutually claimed of having a great time together during production as well as shooting the music video.

Who is Prince Royce?

Prince Royce is an American singer and songwriter who stepped into the world of music in 2010 after releasing his debut studio album named after himself. The album, more or less, became popular and gave rise to Royce’s name which further enabled him to collaborate with numerous other artists and release hit singles including Darte un Beso, Las Cosas Pequenas, and Incondicional.

What is CNCO?

CNCO is a boy band that hails from Latin America. The members are

  • Joel Pimentel,
  • Richard Camacho,
  • Eric Brian Colon,
  • Christopher Velez,
  • and Zabdiel De Jesus.

The band won a five-year recording contract with Sony after which enabled them to tour in different countries with the popular Ricky Martin.

Llegaste Tú – CNCO, Prince Royce
Llegaste Tú (You arrived in English) is a song sung in Spanish and performed by CNCO (the boyband found in 2015) and Geoffrey Royce Rojas (1989). Download it now to set up some nice Latino mood.


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