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Think for a bit. You muster up the courage to ask a girl’s daddy for her hand. Boom! He bluntly refuses to your face. How rude will be that? Well, this song is how the song starts. God forbid that does not happen in real to someone. But, you know, just in case. Rude is a great song by the famed Canadian band, MAGIC!. It is a lead single from MAGIC!’s debut studio album, Don’t Kill the Magic!. What you definitely need to know is that this number is inspired by a real-life situation. We will get to that in a bit. The song was first released on YT, on December 6, 2013, and has over 2.1 billion views, to date.

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The Song Review

The Inspiration!

Well, as we started up with a very sad hypothetical situation, the real thing did not go to that level. The song was incredibly written by Nasri, Mark Pellizzer, Adam Messinger, Alex Tanas, and Ben Spivak.

Now, first, the song name was inspired by the 1960s slang term, rude boy. The song draws inspiration from a real-life situation. What happened? The band’s lead singer Nasri went through a rough patch in her relationship with a former girlfriend. As a couple, both Nasri and his girlfriend got into a fight. At that time, they were quite mean to each other, or we can say rude. That is from where the band drew the song.

Rude by MAGIC! was a massive commercial success. Let us see.

Rude – A Commercial Success

Rude has those instincts that make it a smashing hit. After its release, the song took the No. 6 spot on the Canadian Hot 100 songs chart. Moreover, the song was among the top 10 on charts in various countries. These include the UK, USA, New Zealand, Demark, Australia, Ireland, Sweden, and the Netherlands. It took the charts by storm. Rude by MAGIC! became the 9th bestselling song for the year 2014. Moreover, it went on to bag the Juno Award for Single of the Year. At a global level, the song sold over 8.6 million copies.

The song is also on the All-Time Music chart, the US Billboard Hot 100. In terms of certifications, it holds a good number of those. This hit number received the four Gold Certifications by Switzerland, Germany, Mexico, and France. Music Canada (MC) certified it as Platinum four times. Moreover, the song got the Diamond certification from Mexico. By the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), it was certified platinum three times.

Critical Performance

The song received very mixed reviews. But, overall, they were good. Time Magazine dropped a bomb and referred to this song as the worst song of 2014. It wrote about the song, “Sanitized reggae fusion song”.

On the other hand, Renowned for Sound denoted the song as “light-hearted fun”

Rude – the Video

In the music video, the band can be seen performing in a garage. All of the sudden, the band heads out and gets in a car. They all head to Nasri’s girlfriend’s home. There, he asks her father to give him his daughter. Sadly, the father refuses on the spot. After his refusal, they completely try their best to convince the father.

Well, despite the father’s denial and anger, the couple gets married. The girl leaves her father. The video concludes when everyone is seen partying in the garage.

With over 2 billion views, the video stands among the Top 70 most viewed videos on YT.

The Music

In terms of music, the song is a reggae and fusion song. It has a tempo of 72 beats per minute.

Magic! - Rude
Rude is a 2013 song by the Canadian Canadian reggae fusion band Magic! Download it now and enjoy the music.
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