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Only the American DJ Marshmello knows how to make an EDM sound so adorable. Yes, we are talking about his 2016 hit song, Alone. This smashing hit was first made available for a digital release in the May of 2016. Later on, Alone was released on YouTube, on July 2, 2016, through Marshmello’s official channel.

To date, the video has garnered over a staggering 2.1 billion views on YT. The song is perfectly complemented by a great video. Alone became one of the biggest bangers in 2016. It still stands as a glorious benchmark in the realm of electronic music.

How to Download Marshmello – Alone

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The Song Review

A Genuine Shot of EMD!

Marshmello truly brought his best game to his song. He actually have us a genuine shot of EDM and left us speechless. For many, he is a young pioneer in EDM. Marshmello’s real name is Chris Comstock. He has kept his identity masked. However, he did actually have a face reveal in the year 2016.

With this song, he clearly proclaimed his sheer mastery of electronic music. The song sounds like a classy and electro-pop number, which is a great and unique thing for EDMs. This served the Marshmello fan base well along with millions of people who just loved it.

Marshmello Absolutely Crushed it!

Marshmello did such a good job for this song, and it became a commercial success. The song was featured and listed on two prominent charts in the region. These charts were the US Billboard Hot 100 and the Canadian Hot 100. The track got the No. 3 spot on the US Billboard’s Hot Dance & Electronic Songs chart.

Moreover, it was ranked at No. 16, on Sweden’s Heat Seeker Chart, and the 30th rank, by the Australia Digital Tracks. On the Japan Hot 100 songs chart, it stood at the 39th spot.

In the case of certifications, the song did a reasonably good job. It received a Gold certification from the Federation Industry Music in Italy (FIMI). Besides that, the song received three platinum certifications from the US, and one from Canada. It also received a platinum certification from the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), in the United Kingdom.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the song did a good job, commercial-wise. However, it was not that great as the world expects from the Marshmello. Still, the song went on to grab over 2 billion views on YouTube.

Now, let us briefly talk about the music video.

Alone – Music Video

We are now briefly going to talk about the 7th Most liked video on YouTube. It is the music video by Alone.

The video takes a rather meaningful take and is quite different from the usual EDM song videos. In its essence, the video is about the importance of sympathy at school. It portrays the theme around the idea of bullying in schools.

The video begins with a bullying scene at a school. Marshmello himself starred in the video with his mascot on. It is shown that his class fellows are bullying him in the cafeteria. A kind girl witnesses everything. Later, Marshmello is seen walking sadly, on the way home.

That kind of girl goes to his house with a ‘sorry’ card. There she sees Marshmello playing music. Here, comes the turning point. She records Marshmello playing his music, and shares in the circle. Marshmello’s video is shared well, and it makes rounds. He becomes famous overnight. The video concludes with him having a full EDM blast in his classroom.

This video was praised by various media houses and his fan base.

Alone – Music

In the musical sense, the song is an electro-pop. It is an EDM with hints of pop.

Marshmello - Alone
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