Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass

This bubbly gummy number goes with a chic take on self-acceptance, especially in terms of body image. All About that Bass is a debut single by the ace American singer Meghan Trainor. It was also on Meghan’s extended Play, Title. The hit number is a part of her 2014 album named Title. This pop number is amazingly written by Meghan Trainor herself and Kevin Kadish. It was released on June 11, 2014, on YouTube. On YouTube, All About that Bass has been viewed over 2.4 billion times. This ultimately makes it a smashing hit.

How to Download Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass

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The Song Review

All About that, Bass instantly became an international commercial success. It went on to become one of the Best-selling Songs of the 2010s decade by a female singer. Moreover, the song has been certified as a Diamond by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association for America) in the USA. In addition, the number gained various platinum certifications in several countries such as Canada, New Zealand, Norway, and Denmark. All About that, Bass also sold over 11 million copies at a global level in 2014. Besides that, it became the 4th Best Selling Song globally in 2014.

Mixed Reviews served for All About that Bass

On the contrary to its phenomenal commercial success, the song received very mixed reviews by various notable critics.

Shockingly, Time Magazine ranked it on the No. 6 spot, on the list of 10 Worst Songs of the Year 2014. The New York Times took a dig on Meghan Trainor. The NY Times critics even accused Meghan Trainor of stealing black music. They added and called the song “Unenthusiastic, and drawn out delivery.”

Some even referred to the song’s lyrics as anti-feminist. Well, now that is too much. Honestly, overall, the masses loved the song. It became a must-have on millions of playlists.

Well, the song gathered a whole lot of positive comments as well. The leading comments were by the Entertainment Weekly. They referred to the song as “One of the best two tracks on the Album, Title.” In addition, they positively called it a “Boomin’ Booty Ode.” They praised the lyrics and the baseline.

All About that Bass is All About Meghan!

The song draws inspiration from Meghan Trainor’s life. Meghan has struggled with a negative body image in her teens. Eventually, she proudly embraced herself. That is why; she wrote the song about self-acceptance in terms of body image. We can say that she has done it!

Let us now talk about its cool vibe music video.

All About that Bass Music Video

The iconic Fatima Robinson directed the video and ultimately made Meghan a rock star in just two days. Overall, the music video brings a fun, and light enjoyable feel. Meghan Trainor decided to give it an all-pastels theme to make it more of a summer number. Moreover, it has a cool 1950s musical vibe and theme.

Do you know that Meghan Trainor cried when she watched it for the first time? Because she got insecure about her overall appearance in it.

In the video, Meghan is seen dancing among fellow female dancers with exaggerated facial expressions. She is dressed in a pink sweater, light gray skirt, and long socks. The whole set is pink and pastels.

Meghan throws a Barbie doll away in the video. That denotes the non-confirming of the false body standards set by society.

The Music & Lyrics

In a musical sense, it is a pop number with elements of doo-wop and hip-hop. You will also find hints of 1950s soul beats.

In a lyrical sense, the song invites all of us to accept our inner beauty and promote a positive image.

Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass
All About That Bass is a hit song by the American artist Meghan Trainor (1993). Download it now and have a great time listening.
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