Nikle Currant Song – Jassi Gill & Neha Kakkar

Nikle Currant is an Indian pop song by Jassi Gill and Neha Kakkar. Nikle Currant Song is written by Jaani and composed by Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz. The song is a mixture of romance and comedy and is presented in an entertaining manner. It was officially released on 11th October 2018 and focuses on a popular and reputable womanizer who is constantly trying to win over this one particular girl that he has fallen in love with.

How to Download Nikle Currant Song by Jassi Gill & Neha Kakkar

To download the song simply click on the Download link located below the review. Nikle Currant Song can be downloaded from iTunes.

The Song Review

The theme of the song is focused on his efforts and his attempts in trying to make a positive image about himself in front of her. Nikle Currant is available to play through digital download.

Nikle Currant Song: the Lyrics

Nikle Currant is a song which is completely sung in the Punjabi language. The translated lyrics begin with Jassi Gill introducing himself to the girl and calling her out, claiming that her movements electrify him.

Neha Kakkar, in response to the previous lyrics, sings how she wants him to leave her alone and that she does not care how popular or famous he is to the world.

She also clarifies how she is not materialistic in any sense hence; his extravagant lifestyle and luxurious cars is not enough to make her fall in love.

The lyrical pattern progresses as if it is a complete storyline where Gill further sings about how he can not stop staring at her nor thinking about her. The latter part of the song consists of both the duo singing the main chorus together till the end.

The Video

The music video begins with Neha sitting at a bench, along with a few other female performers, and talking on the phone in a stressed out manner.

This is followed up by Gill making his appearance and sending a note along with a bouquet of flowers to Neha with his name on it. Neha rejects and walks away which only motivates Gill to further strengthen his efforts.

In the aftermath, Gill brings out his luxurious black colored car and follows Neha around with it. Unimpressed by his cheap tactics, Neha initially refuses but decides to sit anyway, only to find out that there is a nose pin in his car which belongs to another girl, presumably one of his other girlfriends.

Enraged, Neha leaves as Gill begins to plan another attempt. He sends a bunch of love letters to her again which forces Neha to leave however, a change of heart occurs, and she decides to finally give Gill a chance. The two then smile and hug in an intimate manner, walking away as the video comes to a close.

Who is Neha Kakkar?

Neha Kakkar is an Indian prodigal singer whose musical career began after she won the Indian Idol competition in 2006. She released her first album in 2008 which is called Neha The Rock Star.

Since then, Neha has become a popular name in the Indian music industry and has further featured and collaborated with other artists such as Honey Singh to produce massive hits including Sunny Sunny and London Thumakda.

Who is Jassi Gill?

Jassi Gill, on the other end, is still in his development stage. He debuted in 2011 and has managed to produce the hit song Chudiyaan. Gill is also considered to be an actor as well as he starred in the Indian film called Mr & Mrs 420.

Nikle Currant Song – Jassi Gill & Neha Kakkar
Nikle Currant is a song in Punjabi sung by Indian singer Jasdeep Singh Gill (November 26, 1988) and another Indian performer Neha Kakkar (June 6, 1988). Download it now.


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