One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful

The song we discuss today is part of One Direction’s Up All Night album released in 2011. What Makes You Beautiful was written by Rami Yacoub, Carl Falk, and Savan Kotecha. It was released under the Syco and Columbia labels with the primary genre of power pop.

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The Song Review

What Makes You Beautiful – the Lyrics

The lyric of the song encourages the girl to be confident. The song wishes the girl sees herself as her partner sees her. Unfortunately, at this time, she feels incredibly insecure. The complements in the world cannot change the misperception she has of herself. Constantly, the girl thinks she is not beautiful. In addition, she feels her interests are also dull, which makes her less acceptable in the social circle. As a result, she refuses to interact or be herself with her partner.

However, the boy has an entirely different perspective. He sees her as the perfect embodiment of the human form. The girl is everything to him and cannot do any wrong. She does not even need to wear make-up to amplify her looks because of her natural beauty. Her curves and natural beauty are breathtaking.

He is aware of how the girl sees herself. Yet, it does not change his feelings. Therefore, he writes a song to inspire confidence in her. What Makes You Beautiful is an encouragement for her to be herself. The song is a romantic attempt to let her know she is perfect. He does not wish to change but celebrate her existence and feelings positively.

The song does not have a clear inspiration other than love. However, you could say the song celebrates young love at an age most are unaware of the concept. Since One Direction was an all-boy band at the time of the song’s release, their audience was also young who were exploring their love lives.

Furthermore, the song also focuses on feeling insecure during the pubescent years, where physical shortcomings are seen as unacceptable and unattractive. What Makes You Beautiful negates the idea. The song focuses on being yourself rather than comparing your physical appearance to celebrities on TV or influencers on social media. Going through the rabbit hole can become very depressing as one may lose self-confidence completely.

At the end of the day, physical appearance is one of the variables in the attraction equation. The inner beauty, poise, and maturity will make you stand out in today’s superficial world. Because What Makes You Beautiful is you!

What Makes You Beautiful Video Interpretation

The young One Direction song starts with the band members throwing rocks into the ocean with a Volkswagen parked behind them. Liam starts singing the lyrics with scenes from inside the van. It seems they are on a long drive across a coastline. The next band member to sing the song is Harry, with the same beach background.

The band members run up a hill in a joyous movement. In the next frame, One Direction is collectively singing at the beach. There are shots of a young girl twirling in a sundress and loose, long hair overlaid their singing. It is apparent she is the song’s addressee and inspiration.

The following setting introduced to the viewers is a beach house where the band members perform the song. They hop over tree hunk and play soccer at the beach. Toward the end, Harry steps closer to the girl to confess his feelings.

The Bottom Line

We are not mentioning the song title again but wondering if you know what your best traits are. Comment below what makes you stand out and share the positivity. Do not fall victim to social media personalities as they only share perfection online. There is a lot behind the doors that we are unaware of.

One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful
What Makes You Beautiful is a song by One Direction - an English-Irish pop boy band. Download it now and enjoy the tune.
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One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful Review Summary

  • The song has a very light-hearted setting that celebrates love without complications.
  • The music video is easy to follow with story progression and no unnecessary elements.
  • The music video, directed by John Urbano, perfectly showcases the band's talents.
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