Pharrell Williams – Happy

Happy by Pharrell Williams was a part of the soundtrack for the animated film Despicable Me 2. It was recorded at the Circle House Studios, Miami, Florida. Happy belongs to the soul and new soul music genre. Here is everything you need to know about a pop song that lasts for four minutes.

How to Download Pharrell Williams – Happy

You can download the song from a digital store such as Amazon Music or Apple Music – click on the Download button that is located below this review.

The Song Review

Pharrell Williams – Happy – a Video Interpretation

A black title greets the audience. The video has adopted a strong association with the color yellow, a color that represents happiness and growth. Right from the start, Pharrell is in an uplifted mood to eliminate sadness. The initial shot lasts for 25 seconds. The featured arts remain the video’s focus as his shadow moves forward with the story.

The upbeat tempo creates a positive environment throughout the video. It showcases people from different backgrounds, nationalities, and ethnicities. The inclusivity symbolizes music is an acceptable form of entertainment that unites people from around the world. The video maintains excitement with a light-hearted attitude.

Pharrell Williams – Happy – the Meaning of the Lyrics

Pharrell Williams is asking the audience to accept love and happiness. He wants you to let go of the hatred and negative energies you have been fostering for someone. The chorus emphasizes happily is a contagious state of mind. Pharrell Williams wants you to clap with the tune even if you feel things are going in the wrong direction.

The second verse warns of bad news and opens to stay away from the peaceful state of mind. The artists focus on the happy place and how it can make us feel content. Pharrell Williams also shares that bad energy and negative thinking waste time and discourage you severely. When in a depressed mood, you begin to feel unsure about everything. Therefore, the song insists you practice optimism to invite happiness.

Listen to Happy by Pharrell Williams 

After listening to the song, you will wonder about the answer to the above-mentioned multi-layered question. It will motivate you to eliminate the negatives and feel lighter and free. Positivity is difficult to achieve but we believe you can do it!

About Pharrell Williams

The artist was born in 1973 in Virginia Beach. Pharrell knew he wanted to be a musician since childhood when he and his aunt would listen to the tracks. The first album he purchased was A Tribe Called Quest cemented his dream of becoming a globally recognized artist.

Pharrell is the eldest of three children. He was often found tapping the school desk to create a unique rhythm. However, he struggled with his individualistic identity at Princess Anne High School. Soon he befriended Chad Hugo. The duo would perform songs together and later create a group called the Neptunes.

The close friends would go on to perform for artists such as Dirty Bastard and Jay Z. They eventually shifted interest into pop music, working with Usher and Britney Spears.

Pharrell Williams - Happy
Happy is a song by Pharrell Williams that comes from the soundtrack for the 2013 computer-animated comedy film Despicable Me 2. Download it now and have fun.
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Pharrell Williams - Happy Review Summary

  • The bright color scheme and outfits will instantly uplift your mood
  • The song will create a positive mindscape. It will motivate you to overcome challenges
  • The video showcases people from all around the world
  • Nothing wrong can be said about a song that promotes positivity and happiness
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