Despicable Me 2

Despicable Me 2 is a downloadable sequel to the well-known first part of Despicable Me. It was produced by Universal Pictures and has entertained viewers all around the world. The world premiere of the film took place on March 5, 2013. Despicable Me 2 is a 3D animated movie designed for the whole family. Thanks to its universal and non-trivial humor, the youngest, as well as the most mature audience, will find it enjoyable.

How to Stream or Download Despicable Me 2

The download of the movie is available from iTunes (but also from Netflix). Both HD and SD qualities are available.

The Storyline

The plot of the movie is focused on the character well known from the previous part of the series Felonius Gry. Surrounded by three lovely daughters and a bunch of bratty minions, he will have to face another challenge.

During one of his daughters’ birthdays Gru is kidnapped by a mysterious red-haired undercover agent Lucy Wilde and brought to the headquarters of the Anti-Villain League. The director of this top-secret organization, Mr. Silas Ramsbottom (sic!) orders him to find the mysterious PX41 mutagen stolen from the secret laboratory PX-Labs which is located in the Arctic Circle.

Initially, Gru does not agree to take the assignment. He wants to leave his dark past behind and do an honest job of producing gels at his factory. However, after his main employee, Dr. Nefario leaves Gdy reluctantly decides to accept the quest of finding the potent mutagen. It turns out that Gru will not work alone. Agent Wilde is assigned to him as his partner.

The setting of the whole mission is the Paradise shopping center, where several suspects have been located. Then a series of setbacks and funny moments ensue which make life difficult for the new partners. Still, Gru and Lucy, step by step, are getting closer to solving the puzzle. Working together brings them also closer emotionally. Gru finally begins to be a bolder man when it comes to relationships and opens his heart to a new love.

The Twists

The key to finding PX41 is one of Gru’s girls. It happens that Margo Ann Julia Mathilde Gru she falls in love with Antonio, the son of Eduardo, the Mexican Salsa & Salsa owner. The latter is, in fact, El Macho, the main antagonist of the movie.

Gru remembers him from the old times before he decided to start a legal business. El Macho was once a fearless criminal known for his incredible strength. Now his innocuous behavior attracts the attention of mutagen seekers. And they are right. It was El Macho who stole the mutagen and now uses it to poison the minions. Under the influence of the PX41, the minions take the form of blue and menacing figures with huge teeth, which can take over the world – and they want to do it. Gru and Lucy have to defeat an entire army of blue creatures and prove that love will conquer everything.

Universal values and original humor which can be found in the movie guarantee loads of fun for one and a half hours the movie lasts.

The theme song of the movie has been Oscar-nominated. It is Happy by Pharrell Williams. The sound of it will make smile even the most gloomy person. The movie soundtrack features also, among others, the hit by Y.M.C.A., which, in unusual choreography, we can also watch on the screen.

Despicable Me 2
Despicable Me 2 is the second movie about the crazy and funny yellow minions. Download this animated comedy today and laugh with your family.
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