Piso 21 – Déjala Que Vuelva (feat. Manuel Turizo)

Dejala Que Vuelva means “Let her come back to you” in English. The song is about a man dating a woman, are we really surprised? Unfortunately, the relationship became toxic when the girl left the relationship again even though the man is deeply in love with her.

He was extremely hurt when she left the first time. However, he won’t waste time getting over her now. She is already a part of his distant past as he is ready to move on. The man loved her dearly and completely. Alas, she did not deserve it. She was unfaithful and mistreated him through manipulation. Even though he still misses her, he knows she was not good for him.

Alas, he also knows she will return to him. Thus, the song is titled Dejala Que Vuelva. He realizes he is her time pass. She has no intention to stay long-term so it is up to him to make it work and fix the relationship between them.

How to Download Piso 21 – Déjala Que Vuelva (feat. Manuel Turizo)

You can download the sogn from a digital store – click on the Download button that is located at the end of this review. Check out also another song performed by Manuel Turizo – Vaina Loca.

The Song Review

Dejala Que Vuelva Video

The band plays music outside of an apartment building with a yellow Cadillac parked outside. It’s a taxi cab with Manuel Turizo waiting inside the cab for the band. The can takes everyone to the party which is a lively place with elders playing chess and party guests dancing. Piso 21 and Manuel Turizoplay the song outside the party venue while haggling at players playing football on the street.

The frame switches to a clothing store where everyone is playing dress-up. The band picks leather jackets, floral button-downs, chains, and expensive watches. On the other hand, Turizo opts for a well-fitted white leather jacket with black jeans. The song eventually comes to a close at a bar.

The Bottom Line

The song is a lively rendition of escaping the past by spending time with friends and staying engaged with social activities. It’s about being in the present, appreciating what you do have, and being patient. One cannot waste their life waiting for someone who will potentially fill their world with love. Therefore, make the present count.

About the Artists

Piso 21

Piso 21 features vocal talents including Pablo Mejia, guitarist Juan David Huertas, vocalist Juan David Castano and David Escobar. The band was created in 2007. However, they were not recognized until 2012 when their songs became mainstream. The public loved their tunes such as Angel Mortal and Vagones Vacios. Piso 21 released their second album in 2014 which was a huge success. The album soared in Latin America with a mention in the top 20 Colombian Latino charts.

Piso 21’s fame continued to grow which led to a music deal with Warner Music Latina in 2016. They released Me Llamas in the same year which was their most successful release thus far. The band was appreciated by masses with upbeat music and international collaborations.

Unfortunately, David Castano left the band in 2019 but was soon replaced by David Lorduy Hernandez, an emerging Columbian singer.

Manuel Turizo

Manuel Turizo Zapata was born in 2001 with an unimaginable interest in music. Since his mother and brother were musicians, Zapata took to learning the saxophone, guitar, and ukulele quite quickly. Later on, he learned to play the piano too. The artist had always dreamed of becoming a veterinarian, though he decided to enroll in vocal classes.

Zapata grows the biggest inspiration from his older brother, Julian Turizo, who was already on the path to becoming a successful musician. Julian was Manuel’s producer, guiding him and advising him along the way. Manuel released his first few singles in 2016 which mirrored his musical talent. Additionally, he ventured into the romantic genre by releasing Vamonos.

Piso 21 - Déjala Que Vuelva (feat. Manuel Turizo)
Déjala Que Vuelva is a song by the Colombian group Piso 21 and the Colombian singer Manuel Turizo. Download it now and have a pleasant time.
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