Vaina Loca – Ozuna feat. Manuel Turizo

Vaina Loca is a downloadable pop reggaeton song by Ozuna and Manuel Turizo. The song was officially released on 28th June 2018 and is taken from Ozuna’s second album called Aura. The song is a popular one by the duo as it managed to reach number 1 on the Latin Airplay chart.

How to Download Vaina Loca by Ozuna and Manuel Turizo

To download the song in as an audio file click on the Download link below the review. The song is available on iTunes. If you want to listen more to Ozuna, listen to his hit Imposible with Lous Fonsi or Taki Taki in which he sings together with DJ Snake, Selena Gomez, and Cardi B.

The Song Review

Vaina Loca is an entertaining love song that aims to discuss the liking a guy has for a girl. It talks about complimenting the girl on her looks and overall personality as well as discussing how her moves make the guy completely go gaga over her. The song is available to play through digital download.

Vaina Loca: the Lyrics

Vaina Loca features hilarious, yet, romantic lyrics that are focused solely on the girl and how she affects the boy in a crazy addictive manner. The song begins with both the artists singing about how they will keep on trying to go after the girl regardless of whether she talks to them or not.

The pair further sing about how she is the one before expressing her physical attributes in an attractive manner. The lyrics sing “Unique, a rose that I want to steal, simple, pretty, who doesn’t need to put on makeup, her style kills me, she dances awesomely and goes all out”.

In the main chorus, the duo synchronize their vocals and sing as to how they do not care about anyone else nor do they want to look at them as long as she is there. This is followed by Turizo’s solo who claims that the woman he loves is worth far more than any amount of money the world has to offer. The song ends with the chorus as the two sign out.

The Video

The music video begins with a bunch of people walking in the streets. It is until a young man begins to stare at a girl and falls down after getting hit by a scooter. The girl he was staring comes up to him and helps him up after which their love story begins. The two begin to hang out and go out on different fun dates, eventually having their first kiss inside a stranded ship.

Their relationship further extends to the point where they begin to sleep together along with taking part in different fun activities such as dancing in the rain, riding in a scooter, taking pictures and finally, up to the point where the boy manages to bring out a ring and propose to her. In a sudden twist in the tale, the boy suddenly wakes up from the point where he got hit.

It is revealed that all those events were simply his dreams and that nothing ever happened between them. The video ends with the girl turning out to perhaps prefer girls in reality with the boy first being astonished and then smiling and walking in the opposite direction.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Vaina Loca is a very cute and colorful song which features a typical crush love story. The music video is quite vibrant and comes along with a sweet and smooth progression.

Vaina Loca – Ozuna feat. Manuel Turizo
Vaina Loca (Crazy thing in English) a catchy song sun in Spanish by a Puero Rican singer Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado (1992) and Colombian Manuel Turizo Zapata (2001). Download it and enjoy the rhythm.
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