Prince Royce – Darte un Beso

Darte un Beso is a famous Bachata song of 2013, meaning “Give you a Kiss.” Famous American singer Prince Royce sang this song. At just the start of the release, the song became a big international hit in Spain, Latin America, and the United States.

In the 2014 Grammy Awards, the song was even honored with the three nominations and is famous as Prince Royce’s career signature song. Its Portuguese-language sertanejo version”Te Dar um Beijo” was also a big hit in 2014.

How to Download Prince Royce – Darte un Beso

You can download the song from a digital store such as Amazon Music or Apple Music – click on the Download button that is located below this review. If you like Prince Royce, you should also definitely check out Llegaste Tú.

The Song Review

Prince Royce – Darte un Beso Lyrical Interpretation

Although the entire song is in a different language, once you translate its lyrics, you will find its complete interpretation to show love and affection towards someone. The singer Prince Royce sees a lady coming out from the beach water, and he falls in love with her beauty.

The singer is open about all those feelings in all ways for the girl and is letting her know what he can do for her if she comes into his life. He will bring the stars and moon for her and give them all the happiness she has ever imagined before. All he wants is to kiss her.

Prince Royce – Darte un Beso Video Interpretation

Let’s talk about the song’s video, which many of us are curious to know about! We have already mentioned that it’s a lovely romantic song, so it is evident that the whole interpretation of the video will be romantic theme-based.

The video starts with a handsome-looking boy (the singer) sitting on the beach sand, and suddenly he sees a gorgeous lady coming out from the water in a bikini suit. She is lovely, and he completely fell in love with her at first look.

Throughout the entire song, he expresses his feelings for her and makes her know how much he loves her more than anything else.

Have you listened to Prince Royce – Darte un Beso?

If you are in love with someone and want to tell them how much you feel for them, dedicate this song to them.

About Prince Royce

Prince Royce’s original name is Geoffrey Royce Rojas. He is a well-known American songwriter and singer. In 2010, he stepped into the mainstream of Latin pop music with his debut release of the self-titled album. At just the start of his career, he reached the heights of success even more.

In 2012, he came up with the release of his 2nd album, Phase II, and in 2013 he launched his third album, Soy el Mismo. Apart from massive fame from the public, the singer is also honored with 67 awards and 156 nominations.

Apart from that, he has also made public appearances in different TV shows, including East Los High and American TV series for teens on Hulu Network.

Prince Royce - Darte un Beso
Darte un Beso is a song by Geoffrey Royce Rojas (Prince Royce). Download it now and enjoy its bachata style.
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Prince Royce - Darte un Beso Review Summary

  • A soothing song filled with romance and love.
  • The lyrics are simple and nicely written.
  • The song is in Spanish, which many listeners won't understand.
  • A video is a bit adultery and not suitable for kids to watch.
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