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PSY celebrates electro-house and Eurodance with his 19th release, Gentlemen. It was written by the artist himself. However, it was written and produced by Yoo Gun-Hyung in 2013. PSY sang the song live at Seoul’s Seoul World Cup Stadium with solid social media marketing. Here is what you need about the song.

How to Download PSY – Gentleman

You can download the song from a digital store. Click on the Download button at the end of the review. Check out also another Psy’s hit – Gangnam Style

The Song Review

Gentlemen by PSY – the Lyrics

The song Gentlemen is sung in a mixture of English and Korean by the talented PSY. If you do not speak Korean, you may be unfamiliar with the song’s meaning. That’s why we are here. Let’s begin the analyzing the popular K-Pop song right here right now.

At the very beginning of the song, PSY emphasizes his social personality. He is an interactive butterfly on the guest list of every party. PSY knows everyone likes his music, which is why they want him there since he is the life of every party.

As the lyrics progress, we see PSY engaging with women at the party. Since there is no word for sexy or alluring in the Korean language, he had to improvise. Therefore, the specific part of the lyric is sung in English. Perhaps the most controversial and misunderstood phrase in the Gentlemen song is the lyric “I am a mother-father-gentleman.”

We are unsure what it means, but it is constantly on our minds since the tune is catchy. Let’s assume the artist is ready to meet that special someone and introduce her to PSY’s parents.

The next verse contradicts the sweet boy persona PSY has established so far in the song. Some crass lyrics imply the lovers will spend all night with PSY. They won’t leave the bed until the participants are satisfied repeatedly.

Gentlemen by PSY Video Interpretation

PSY walks down the street, demanding attention. He is surrounded by his crew, who take to a boutique. PSY does some extreme shopping while performing the signature dance move. He dances very close to the sales staff member who uncomfortably looks into the camera.

Later on, PSY dances in the children’s playground and plays Candy Crush on his phone. In a separate location at the gym, he increases the treadmill’s incline while the woman is running on it. The artist is seen dating beautiful women and rubbing lotions on their backs while they suntan.

He removes the chair from underneath his date as a prank, and she falls. Halfway into the video, PSY sings and dances to the song with an army of background dancers. Their ponytails are synchronized with the artist’s hip movement. PSY wears a white sequin jacket, harem pants, and a black top throughout the video. His look is very monochromatic against the loud settings.

The Bottom Line

Gentlemen by PSY is a very playful song that does not have a clear message. However, listening to his music is therapeutic to the ears. Furthermore, the video will make you laugh, making it the perfect addition to a stressful day.

Who is Psy?

PSY, originally named Park Jae-sang, was born in Seoul. He was welcomed by well-established parents in 1977 at a local hospital in Gangnam. His mother, Kim Young-hee, owned an entire chain of restaurants in the Gangnam metropolitan center. Whereas his father, Park Won-Ho, was in a high corporate position at DI corporation.

Soon after PSY was of age, his parents enrolled him in Banpo Elementary and Secondary school. He constantly struggled to maintain his grades throughout his studying until Sehwa High School. His former teacher has gone on record to say PSY would make inappropriate jokes which diverted the attention from the lesson. However, he went on to attend Boston University.

Unfortunately, he dropped out and started taking music lessons. When he was confident in his music abilities, he moved back home to Seoul to pursue a music career. Before releasing other songs, he became globally recognized for the “Gangnam” single.

PSY - Gentleman
Gentleman is a song by Park Jae-sang (1977) who is a famous South Korean singer. Download it now and have a great time.
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