Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up

Never Gonna Give You Up introduced Rick Astley to the public in 1987. It is one of his most listened-to creations. The song was written by Stock Aitken Waterman and was released as part of his first album, Whenever You Need Somebody. The song celebrates the dance-pop and blue-eyed soul music genres.

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The Song Review

Never Gonna Give You Up Lyrical Interpretation

Never Gonna Give You Up is a promise from the artist to his addressee and lover that he is committed to her long-term. Rick Astley will never leave and treat her respectfully in all regards. Furthermore, the song also dwells on the two of them being romantically inexperienced.

However, Ricky Astley admits she had lovers in the past. None of them were experienced enough to convince her to commit. While Rick Astley was dating, he became familiar with the language of love. And now, he has written the song to let his lover know he has built a strong, withstanding relationship with her he is very proud of. Rick Astley wants the partner to understand that he is forever present to hold her hand throughout their lives.

In short, the song is a vow to his new everlasting love and flourishing support Rick Astley wishes to give his new partner.

Never Gonna Give You Up Video Interpretation

The video immediately begins with a shot of dancing shoes. As the camera zooms out, Ricky Astley stands in front of a mic, dancing to the beat, in a very casual outfit. The artist rocks his hands from side to side as the frame transitions into a city setting.

After a few frames, a blonde woman flips her hair, looking at the camera. Later on, Ricky Astley appears again in a matching baby blue button-down and jeans, performing his signature move.

The artist performs the lyrics as they alternate between two settings – the underground city tunnel and the sunny outsides in the blue outfit. A blonde woman performing the same moves in a summer outfit and loose hair helps transition into different locations.

The scene, later on, changes into an empty bar with the bartender polishing the drinking glasses. The bartender is played by Clive Clark, a dancer who makes a featured appearance in the latter half of the video. The artist performs the song with two backup dancers while he is dressed in the same outfit as the intro.

His signature, timepiece wardrobe consists of a double-breasted navy blue blazer, loose cotton slacks, and a stripy polo shirt underneath. Today, the wardrobe introduces a severe nostalgia feel when we play the Never Gonna Give You Up music video.

The locations switch between the few settings mentioned above with blonde backup dancers. The video concludes with the camera panning out at the city setting underneath the tunnel.

The music video for Never Gonna Give You Up was shot in the UK with street views from West London. The video’s production quality did not grab a huge cinematography budget. Rick Astley wore the same clothes in the music video he would arrive at the set-in.

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up
Never Gonna Give You Up is an iconic song from 1987 performed by Rick Astley (1966) who is an English singer. Download it now.
10 Total Score
Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up Review Summary

  • The song is still used in background music for many TV shows, such as on Father’s Day, Charlie Has Cancer, and Cold Case.
  • The muted editing and wardrobe keep the focal idea on lyrics. The same cannot be said about music today.
  • The video proves quality entertainment on a budget that does not stray away from the original idea.
  • The dated setting and outfits make it challenging for modern music lovers to relate to the song.
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