Rosalía, J Balvin – Con Altura ft. El Guincho

Con Altura revolves around Middle Eastern sounds with very subtle influences from modern flamenco and reggaeton. The song is inspired by Rosalía’s interest in the genre. She grew up singing and hearing reggaeton music and wanted to create a beat of her own.

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The Song Review

The Lyrics

When translated to English, Con Altura means With Altitude or Up High. The singer, Rosalía, went with the phrase after hearing from it on a Dominican radio show. It was hosted by Mariachi Budda, who constantly used it as a catchphrase.

According to the singer, Con Altura can also mean doing something with total commitment. The phrase means completing the challenge with dedication using logic and physiological prowess. The singer could taste the success when she was writing the lyrics. Here is how the chorus goes when transited to English:

This is so that it remains, what I do hard (With Altitude)

Too many nights of mischief
I live fast and I have no cure
I will go young to the grave
This is so that it remains, what I do hard
Too many nights of mischief
I live fast and I have no cure
I will go young to the grave

When we apply the meaning of Con Altura to the song, it means living life without any regrets. The singer is asking the music lovers to dance through the night and perhaps cause some mischief along the way.

Of course, a song isn’t complete without collaboration. Therefore, Rosalía chooses Colombian artist J Balvin. The two are very close friends and familiar with each other’s musical talent and taste. J Balvin famously created the song Mi Gente, which involved Beyoncé. His lyrics in Con Altura, when translated to English, are:

Here in the height, the winds are strong
Put your seatbelt on and take a seat
I already saw your girlfriend inside (Yes)
Money never wastes time (No, no)
Against the wall (You know it ‘)
And I had to buy her a drink because you were thirsty
From here how rich it looks
I’m not Sky but I broke the bass again

J Balvin is also enjoying the night, drinking, and partying. He is threatening to steal lovers with his savant attitude and dance moves.

Rosalía, J Balvin – Con Altura ft. El Guincho Video Interpretation

The video begins with the singer enjoying a private flight. We see the airplane taking off, and later, it is revealed Rosalía is the only person abroad. She immediately begins singing in the passenger wing. Rosalía wears a floral jacket with pink and yellow flowers. Her skirt and heels are in a matching pink color. There appears to be a crystal globe-like lamp beside her with a flower wall in the background.

The frame later switches to the cockpit, where the pilot follows the singer’s lead. Upon closer inspection, it can be seen the primary pilot is J Balvin, the rapper. Balvin is dressed in a conventional uniform costume.

As the song continues, Rosalía travels to the lower deck of the airplane. We see six background dancers, three on each side, with Rosalía dancing in between. She has changed her outfit to a red halter top and flares bottom pants to perform salsa to the beat of the music. The dancers, lead singer, and the rapper continue singing the lyrics until the music video comes to a close with the repetitive lyrics of Con Altura.

Should Con Altura be on Replay?

The cinematography by Director X created the airplane background. It showcases smooth transitions, making you believe you are on the plane ride with the singers. The song will put you in the mood to dance, just not in an airplane (ha)!

Rosalía, J Balvin - Con Altura ft. El Guincho
Con Altura is a Spanish song by Rosalia Vila Tobella (1992) and José Álvaro Osorio Balvín (1985) with Pablo Díaz-Reixa (1983). Download it now.
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