Sam Smith – Stay With Me

Stay with Me is a Sam Smith song from The Lonely Hour. The song was released in 2014 in the U.K. and the U.S.A. Stay with Me was recorded under the Capitol genre. It was written by Sam Smith, James Napier, Tom Petty, and William Phillips. The tunes belong to the soulful genre.

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You can download the song from a digital store such as Amazon Music or Apple Music – click on the Download button that is located below this review. If you like Sam Smith, check out also our reviews of Too Good at Goodbyes, I’m Not the Only One, and La La La.

Stay With Me – the Song Review

Stay with Me by Sam Smith Video Interpretation

Sam Smith’s Stay with Me video perfectly encapsulates the lyrics. The artist portrays a relaxed feeling without any sudden jumps and scares. Throughout the video, Sam Smith is seen walking in numerous streets. In the remaining parts, he is sitting in his London bedroom and mouthing the lyrics.

The timeline is portrayed perfectly where the lyrics match the story’s progression. Sam Smith walks outside in desolation when the song plays “one night stand.” We also see the artist singing along with the choir, which makes the tunes more soulful.

There are no Avant-guard outfits in the video. The wardrobe is kept simple as the tunes are the real star. Sam Smith switches clothes three times in a very easy-to-wear three-piece combination. The choirs are dressed in all black to symbolize unity, an odd color for the ensemble, but it complements the video.

The video primarily focuses on street walking to represent Smith as an ordinary individual with real-life problems. There are only three locations throughout the video, which prevents the audience from being confused. It allows the story to develop steadily.

Overall, Sam Smith plays an emotional character who is unsure how his life will pan out. You may feel annoyed by Sam walking soullessly for 20 seconds, but that’s his genre! He stayed true to his aesthetic, which makes the song, tunes, and setting more unique.

Stay with Me by Sam Smith – the Meaning of the Lyrics

Stay with Me is a song about vulnerability. It is about seeking emotional support because the artist has become tired of seeking answers by himself. Therefore, he is turning to his audience or fans to help. The other part of the song is about one-night stands and their implications.

Sam Smith emphasizes that lustful interaction is not enough to find someone special. The concept has been glorified by the media with its misconceptions about dating. The artist further explains he wishes someone by his side to keep him strong and guide him through the loneliness.

After the one-night stand, Sam Smith asks the lover to stay for more time. Unfortunately, the request leads to an argument, which makes the artist feel used and under-appreciated.


Stay with Me is a thought-provoking song that binds emotional comprehension with music in a unique manner. Listening to the song will give you the courage to lead your life instead of falling victim to loneliness.

About Sam Smith

Sam Smith was born in May 1992 in London. He began singing and playing musical instruments at a very young age. However, his talents were recognized after his mother tried to promote Sam Smith’s artistry at her company. She was a famous banker at the time. However, she was fired from her job on the spot due to her advertising an underage.

Sam Smith studied at the St. Mary’s Catholic School in Hertfordshire. While learning, he would also practice music. Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder heavily inspired the artists. Sam Smith wanted to capture the audience’s souls like the legendary musicians.

His first song premiered in 2012. Latch belonged to the electronica genre. It topped all U.K. charts and put Sam Smith on the map when he was 21.

Sam Smith - Stay With Me
Stay With Me is a song by Samuel Frederick Smith (1992) and it comes from his debut album which was released in 2014. Download it now.
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Sam Smith - Stay With Me Review Summary

  • The story progression keeps up with the music, keeping the audience engaged
  • The video portrays the lyrics well. There are no storyline skips
  • Sam Smith communicates consistently with the listener by confidently talking to the camera lens
  • The listener may find the setting monotonous and dull
  • The toned-down color scheme fails to establish a connection with the listener. Most of the time, music is associated with vibrancy and color
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